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Martin Lewis shares basket trick to get money off eBay, Etsy, Amazon and Next

Christmas is coming and with it, a lot of spending is on the cards says money superstar Martin Lewis – but there are a few tricks you can use to cut costs.

Martin returned to ITV1 on Tuesday night with a Martin Lewis Money Show Live Christmas special in which he took his thrifty viewers through a Christmas bonanza of money saving tips – including one ‘abandon basket’ tip that works on various online retailers.

Martin urged that this tip is going to be especially useful with Black Friday sales looming – and a period of early sales deals leading up to it which he termed ‘Grey Friday’.

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Martin told his viewers: “Abandon your shopping basket all ye who enter.

“Log in, put the stuff you want in the shopping basket, and walk away.

“And often, within a few days, they will offer you a discount. Now I asked about this last night on Twitter, to see what examples people had of doing this. How did it go?”

Martin Lewis’ new co-host Jeanette Kwayke then replied: “Really well, we had over 700 responses and it looks like three of these are eBay, Etsy and Amazon, quite a few more as well.

“Some real specific examples. One said ‘after leaving my New Look basket for a couple of days, I received a 25% discount code which I used and bought everything.

“And then Skye said ‘eBay gave me quite a lot. A Macbook Pro, down from £240 to £180. Walk away, walk away!”.

Martin added: “It doesn’t always work but it’s worth a try innit.”

Martin also told people that you should always ‘play with a tool’ and do a price comparison when shopping online before you commit, such as Pricerunner or camelcamelcamel which can show you how prices have gone up or down in the past few months and shine a light on whether a deal is a genuine saving or not.

He added: “Amazon varies the price all the time, just because it says it’s got a discount, it depends what it’s comparing it to.”

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