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Mina Starsiak Hawk Is ‘Convinced’ She Has Breast Implant Illness After Experiencing Symptoms

Mina Starsiak Hawk is “convinced” that she has breast implant illness after experiencing a number of mysterious symptoms. The Good Bones host revealed her concerns surrounding the condition and issues she has faced since getting implants.

“I started doing research, and I am convinced that I have breast implant illness, I’m not even kidding you,” she told listeners of her “Mina AF” podcast on Tuesday, October 3. “All the symptoms I have, like swelling in my hands, various parts of my body, lots of inflammation, I mean the symptoms are so vague.”

During the episode, Mina was joined by her husband, Steve Hawk, and guest Dr. Peter Koltz to discuss the myths and facts surrounding breast implant illness. Though the exact cause isn’t known, it “may be related to autoimmune or inflammatory responses,” per Cleveland Clinic.

“The common things that people will relate to breast implant illness is memory loss, fatigue, hair loss, weight gain and generalized swelling,” Peter explained.

The medical professional also shared different treatment options and past studies done on breast implant illness to help women who are facing the issue.

“I was listening to a podcast, I was doing some research and it triggered two things in me,” Mina continued. “One, like a very fear-based reaction, and two, was, ‘Oh well, that’s an easy fix then, you just get them taken out, no big deal.’”

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She continued, “And I think, as you know, human nature — we’re not looking for the problem where you have to change your diet or take supplements or whatever to fix the problem,” adding, “So, those are the two immediate things that I thought about and I think the biggest one that was fear-based was the doctor was saying breast implant illness can be related to fertility issues and that is such a big struggle for so many women.”

In December 2020, Mina revealed her mommy makeover after welcoming her second child, Charlotte. The HGTV personality underwent a tummy tuck, liposuction and got breast implants.

“Believe me, surgery is hard, recovery is hard, time away from work is hard,” Mina, who is also a mom to son Jack, reflected in a January 2021 interview with People. “I also recognize that I’m in a very good, lucky position that I was able to do what I felt like I wanted and needed to do, to get to a good place. I feel strong, I feel attractive — and I feel like myself again.”

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