– Lee Rodriguez, star of “Never Have I Ever,” reflects on growing with her character over the show’s four seasons and the impact it had on her life.
– Rodriguez is particularly grateful for the chance to embrace her dorky personality through her role as Fabiola, and the special moments her character had in the show.
– Looking ahead, Rodriguez is pursuing a music career under the name LaRhonza and plans to release more music in 2023.

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In a recent Q&A series called Last Call, Lee Rodriguez, the star of “Never Have I Ever” chats about her experience in playing Fabiola. The series is a teenage dramedy that has run for four seasons on Netflix. In the interview, Rodriguez reveals that bidding farewell to the show feels surreal as she grew with the characters, the cast, and has established close friendships with them. She expresses her happiness with the way the show ended and grateful that they got an ending everyone would be happy with. Every character on the show had their own whirlwind journey of growth, including Fabiola’s openly embracing her queer identity and deciding where her educational pursuits will take her next. The actress shared that she has learned a lot, both personally and professionally, and is forever changed by the show.

Playing Fabiola also gave Rodriguez a chance to embrace parts of herself. While appearance-wise they differ, she loves that she could portray Fabiola’s dorky and quirky personality and break away from the sexy character stereotype. She also reveals that her time on “Never Have I Ever” has been a life-changing experience, and the cast and crew welcomed her with open arms.

Looking ahead, Rodriguez has a budding music career, and she will be putting a lot of focus on that. While the music world will be her main priority, the actress will continue to do what she loves; acting. She confirms sending her latest single to the cast of “Never Have I Ever,” and they were supportive and loved it.

In the interview, Rodriguez talks about her last day of filming “Never Have I Ever” and mentions that it was a mix of emotions because everyone knew they had to say goodbye. She also reveals that she took a Fabiola first-place trophy as a souvenir before leaving the set. The actress concludes the interview by answering questions about her high school, last TV show she binge-watched, and the last song she listened to.

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