Nothing Grows Forever | Climate Crisis

Exploring the impact of Costa Rica’s pioneering efforts to prioritise environment over economic growth for its people.

Costa Rica is one of the most biodiverse nations on Earth. Its entire west coast is lined by the Pacific Ocean. The whole east coast borders the Atlantic. While this contributes to its stunning beauty, it also leaves Costa Rica particularly susceptible to the impact of climate change. With South America deemed to be the “second most vulnerable” part of the world, Costa Rica has been forced to confront the challenges this encompasses in a unique way. This is particularly evident in their unique approach to all that pertains to energy and its consumption as well as the preservation of its environment.

The film, Nothing Grows Forever, looks at how Costa Rica has become a pioneer in the fight against climate change and how urban planning can be harnessed to benefit both humans and wildlife. In a world obsessed with economic growth, this film highlights how this small South American country is achieving high levels of wellbeing that have very little to do with money.

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