Out of 8 Kids, Mom Kicked One Son Out of Home — Now Son Chooses In-Laws over Sick Mom

Man prioritizes in-laws over sick mother. | Source: Shutterstock

  • A man felt his mom never valued him as much as her other children because she treated him unfairly.
  • He never realized how wrong his situation was until he met his wife and parents-in-law.
  • The man’s mom started reconnecting after she was diagnosed with cancer, but at the time, the man made it clear she wasn’t his priority.


A man grew up with many siblings. | Source: Pexels

A man grew up in a big household. His mom had eight children, and he was the fourth child.

Growing up, the man felt excluded from the rest of his siblings. He felt his mom hated him in particular because of how differently she treated him.


The man deduced that she might have treated him differently because of how much he resembled his dad. His dad wasn’t in the picture, likely making his mom project all her hatred on him.

His mother wasn’t fond of him. | Source: Pexels


When the man was 16, their house burned down. They had to move into a friend’s basement, and at the time, the mom told him to get out and find another place because they couldn’t fit.

This surprised him because she never gave his two older sisters the same order. They continued to live with her for years.

Their family house burned down. | Source: Pexels


When his mom bounced back and moved to a house the following year, he moved back in. When he turned 18, his mom demanded rent.

His older sisters were also supposed to pay rent, but his mom never strictly imposed it on them. For him, however, he had to pay on time every month.

The man never realized how poorly he was treated until he met his wife and parents-in-law. He acknowledged that while he understood how difficult it was for his single mom to raise eight children, she never tried her best when it came to him.

The man was asked to move out at 16. | Source: Pexels


The Man’s Mom Reconnected After Years

Years later, the man and his wife lived a good life. They were close to the wife’s parents and visited often.

His mom tried to repair their relationship. She was diagnosed with skin cancer and felt it was time to reconnect with the son she lost touch with.

While the mom’s cancer wasn’t aggressive, she needed more surgery before she could remission. The mom happily invited her son over during holidays and weekends and would randomly call every few months to complain about his siblings.

The man’s mom tried reconnecting with him after she was diagnosed with cancer. | Source: Pexels


The man always remained civil. However, one particular phone call they had turned his siblings against him.

His mom asked if he could come visit her for the weekend. Instead of obliging, he said that he needed to ask his wife what days they would visit his in-laws.

“Why can’t you set a date with me and then go to [your wife’s] parents’ house on the opposite day?” the mom asked.

The man said he’d always prioritize his in-laws. | Source: Pexels


The man said he’d always prioritize visiting his wife’s parents, and his in-laws always got to pick the day they’d visit.

His mom was hurt. She felt excluded and unimportant to her son. He apologized that he “didn’t mean it like that,” but they both knew he did.

His answer upset his mother. | Source: Pexels


His Siblings Slammed Him for What He Did

Soon after, the mom’s favorite child, the man’s younger sister, called him. She accused him of stressing out their mom, which could worsen her illness.

“She (my sister) told me mom called her crying. I said mom’s an adult who can manage her own feelings and I’m not responsible for them,” he shared.

His sister slammed him for the way he treated their mom. | Source: Pexels


His sister threatened him, saying that it was on him if anything happened to their mother. She demanded he call her to assure her that he loved her.

The man didn’t think it was necessary. His sister called his wife when he refused to do anything, thinking she could knock some sense into him.

The truth was that if it were up to the man’s wife, they wouldn’t have contact with him. She knew what the man had to endure and didn’t want him to stay in a toxic situation just because they were family.

The man and his wife believed it wasn’t their responsibility to forgive just because the mom was ill. | Source: Pexels


What would you have done if you were in the man’s situation? Do you think it was valid for him to prioritize his in-laws over his sick mother?

In a similar story about in-laws, a woman showed her husband a private message her mother-in-law sent her. Her husband stormed into his mom’s home late at night to cut ties with her.


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