Oh, how things change in a few years. In his upcoming memoir, “Spare,” Prince Harry reveals that Prince William and Kate Middleton were avid fans of Meghan Markle’s work on USA’s “Suits,” per Page Six. During a dinner with his brother and sister-in-law, Harry recalled the pair grilling him about his personal life, as they suspected “something was going on” with him. After Harry shared that the “something” was “a new woman” and swore William and Kate to secrecy, he finally divulged Meghan’s identity.

“Their mouths fell open,” Harry recounts in his memoir. “They turned to each other. Then Willy turned to me and said, ‘F*** off?'” Even Harry remembers being taken aback by their shocked responses, not knowing that William and Kate were “regular — nay, religious — viewers of ‘Suits.'” Oddly, although William and Kate couldn’t wait to meet Meghan in person, Harry claimed William still warned him about getting too serious with her. “He still said to slow down,” Harry writes, recalling that his brother told him, “She’s an American actress, after all, Harold. Anything might happen.”

Harry’s choice of title for his memoir cuts to the crux of his issues with William and the rest of the royal family. As reported by The Guardian, Harry writes that his father, King Charles, supposedly told his ex-wife, Princess Diana, upon Harry’s birth, “Wonderful! Now you’ve given me an heir and a spare — my work is done.”

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