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Restaurant customer tip waitress with a scratchcard & takes it BACK when it wins – his next move is a ‘slap in the face’

A WAITRESS received a scratchcard as a tip – then gave it back to the customer after it won a £40,000 jackpot.

But her astonishing honesty was greeted with a “slap in the face” by the diner who pocketed the winnings for himself, a pal revealed.

Some people have said the waitress should have held onto the winning scratch card
Some people have said the waitress should have held onto the winning scratch cardCredit: Getty

The customer who have her the scratchcard then offered her a tip worth £16. The waitress’s friend shared the story on Reddit’s ‘Server Life’ forum.

She wrote: “I think about this at least once a week. A couple years ago my best friend was bartending and a guy that had dinner up at the bar with her tipped her with a $20 scratcher.

“She turned around and scratched it right then and the scratcher won $50,000.

“Her, being a ridiculously honest and empathetic person told the guy and saw his face just DROP.”

Most Reddit users agreed that the waitress should have kept the scratchcard that was given to her as a tip.

One person said: “Omg, f*** that. I would have kept my mouth shut tighter than I ever had before, and I’m also an honest and empathetic person.
“The fact that he only gave her $20 after makes it so much worse.”

Another person said that the waitress should have used the money to put down a deposit on a house.

She said: ” Seriously. That is life-changing down payment on a house money. He would have had to tear it from my cold dead hands’ and ‘She played herself’. “

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The friend added that the waitress believed in karma and helping others, and was reconciled with the fact that she returned the scratch card.

The friend said: “She’s very much into “karma” and other people needing stuff more than her so she genuinely didn’t regret giving it back but I absolutely wouldn’t have.”

The friend also provided an update that the customer who was given the scratch card later blew the cash in casinos.

Another user added “this is why I will never provide lottery tix as a gift, Christmas present or related.”

Some users felt it would be hard to win £40,000 on a scratchcard without informing the customer who gave it to you.

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