Richard Dreyfuss not woke Hollywood actor; transphobic rant

Famous actor Richard Dreyfuss has never been a fan of the political correctness that’s taken over Hollywood — but it all came to a head this Memorial Day weekend at an event called “An Evening with Richard Dreyfuss and Jaws Screening,” in Beverly, Massachusetts.

Dreyfuss showed up on stage in a dress covering his clothes, before delivering a rant described by attendees as transphobic, sexist, and homophobic.

The attendees recalled Dreyfuss calling Barbra Streisand a “genius” but calling women “passive” and saying that’s why her movie “Nuts” “sucked.” He also reportedly made disparaging remarks about the MeToo movement and spoke out against listening to transgender youth.

While fans across the country are shocked, Glenn Beck spoke to Dreyfuss last year and gained real insight into the actor’s beliefs — something those fans likely don’t understand.

“He was never a Hollywood insider. He’s here to sound the alarm, to protect the Constitution, to stir the healthy dissent, to protect the lone voice. He told me right before the podcast that I was the one who outed him in Hollywood,” Glenn said on “The Glenn Beck Podcast” last year.

“When I apologized, I didn’t realize that, he said, ‘No, no, it was one of the best things that’s happened to me.’ He has been committed to nothing less than saving America,” he added.

And Dreyfuss then confirmed this himself.

“There are people who now think that opposing views are un-American. They don’t know that opposing views are entwined and threaded through the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and what we show to the world we believe in,” Dreyfuss told Glenn, noting that kids don’t learn about history these days the way they used to or should.

“I certainly think that when we allow our kids to tell us what is valuable and what is nurturing, we’re going to the wrong people,” he explained.

Before finishing their conversation, Dreyfuss left Glenn with a pearl of wisdom — which is a far cry from what fans angry at his performance over the weekend seem to believe he is capable of.

“It infuriates me that people don’t understand what this place means, what an advance on human progress this country is all about, and how quickly we can abandon it without a second thought,” Dreyfuss tells Glenn.

“I once said that we hold this pearl in our hands, and then we think, ‘Yeah who cares,’ and we toss it away, and it lands on the top of the stairs and we trip over it and we fall down through this state of constant decay — until we reach Donald Trump and the cheapening of every great thought, every great move that we gave to humanity. And it just kills me.”

“It’s beyond my ability to comprehend why people who are in a position to burnish our reputation make it filth, choose to make it filth. I just don’t get it,” he finished.

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