Roger Cook faces defamation threat from teen climate protesters

The notice said the claims were damaging and unsubstantiated.

It also said making them about children was an aggravating factor that could result in any award for damages exceeding the legal cap of $459,000.

“Our clients are conscientious young people yet to make a name for themselves in the world. Their reputation[s] have been seriously injured by their Premier through statewide press before they have even had the chance to vote,” he said.

“This has caused them considerable hurt, distress and anxiety.

“All other things being equal, we cannot imagine you as Premier would intend to cause children to feel that way.”

The notice said the children would drop the action if they received an apology from Cook both in writing and verbally at a press conference and an offer to pay the teenagers’ nominal legal cost of $1.

The defamation threat is the latest escalation in the battle between the Disrupt Burrup Hub activist group, Woodside and the WA government as the activists continue to protest Woodside’s plans to expand its operations in WA’s north-west.

In a statement from Disrupt Burrup Hub, Power said they protested at the AGM to protect children.

“I stood up for my future and appealed to Woodside bosses in the name of their children – some of whom have kids of their own,” they said.

“I was left feeling intimidated by the WA Premier threatening us with a police crackdown – which was a clear attempt to silence us on behalf of Woodside.”

Cook backed himself.

“I’ll always support people’s right to peaceful protest, but it’s never okay to bring somebody’s kids into it — regardless of the cause,” he said.

“I’m not going to spend any more time responding to this.”

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