Sara Haines Addresses Critics After The View’s Spring Break

The View is back after a spring break hiatus, but viewers had a lot to say while the hosts were out of office.

“People were very upset we weren’t on the air for a week and that tends to happen,” executive producer Brian Teta said during an episode of the show’s “Behind the Table” podcast on Monday, April 29. “They believe fully in their bones that we should work 365 days a year.”

He then asked cohost Sara Haines how she felt about the discourse surrounding the show’s spring break hiatus.

“I disagree. I will push back on that,” she said. “When I got back, we always ask each other how was break and one thing I realized is when you’re out of work, it’s why you work, it’s why you have jobs. There’s so much to remember that these are the pinnacle moments of appreciating all of it and living a little.”

“We come back refreshed I think in a lot of ways, and I think it helps the show long term,” Brian, 46, agreed. “But what people don’t realize … “ he trailed off before he recalled some of the messages he had received about airing reruns during a huge news week.

“When do we get new episodes? There’s much going on in the [world] for them to be showing repeats. #TheView,” one person wrote on X when the show aired reruns throughout the week of April 22.

“Well we planned this out about a year in advance when we’re going to be off,” Brian explained. “The reality of it is, no matter what, when we’re not on the air, crazy things happen.”

Sara Haines Addresses Critics After The View’s Spring Break Hiatus
ABC/Lou Rocco

“It’s inevitable, its Murphy’s law,” Sara agreed.

“We’re actually on more than your average daytime talk show,” Brian pointed out.

While the show aired reruns for the annual spring break hiatus, Sara took a trip to Turks and Caicos with her husband, Max Shifrin. They did not bring their kids, Alec, Sandra and Caleb, due to conflicting spring break schedules from school.

“The two youngest kids have one, Alec has another, we have a different one,” Sara reflected. “And so last year was the first year Max and I got away for a few days on our own once we figured out how to do that. I always wish there was a way to do it more often.”

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