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Skier’s embarrassing checklist of life goals revealed on lost phone including ‘get jacked’ and ‘have 3 girls on roster’

A SKIER’S embarrassing checklist of life goals that included “get jacked” and “have three girls on roster” has left fellow snow-lovers in stitches.

The ambitious list was on a lost smartphone discovered among the freshly dumped powder at Australia’s top skiing destination at the weekend.

The skier's embarrassing checklist of life goals found on a smartphone


The skier’s embarrassing checklist of life goals found on a smartphoneCredit: Facebook / Perisher Snow Lovers
The hilarious discovery was made on the slopes at Perisher Ski Resort, Australia


The hilarious discovery was made on the slopes at Perisher Ski Resort, AustraliaCredit: Alamy

The hilarious goals have since gone viral online after a visitor at New South Wales’ Perisher Ski Resort posted a picture of the phone on Facebook to try locate the owner.

A snap of the device’s lock screen revealed the “top eight” objectives the snow sport enthusiast had set out to achieve.

The list began with short-term targets: “Get jacked and be 87kgs.

“Quit all nicotine.”

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It continued with a few modest goals: “Have $25,000 in bank account.

“Get good marks at uni.

“Have motorbike.”

It then took a barmy turn, with the goals escalating to more fanciful ambitions: “Have three girls on roster.

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“Get better at fighting.

“Don’t get a haircut for three months.”

According to local reports, the phone was found “halfway down” the Front Valley of Kosciuszko National Park, about 300 miles south of Sydney.

It was reportedly handed in at the booking office with hopes the phone’s lock screen would identify the owner.

With no avail it was posted on Perisher Snow Lovers’ Facebook Group, which left social media users baffled.

“I’d be almost embarrassed to claim the lost phone,” a Facebook user said.

“Zip phone in pocket so I don’t lose it or otherwise I won’t have a way to check Perisher Snow Lovers to see if someone finds it, unveiling my life goals to the world,” one added.

“$25K and having three girls on roster lol, tell him he’s dreaming,” a second remarked.

“They are phenomenal goals, nothing to be embarrassed about here,” another claimed.

It comes as Australia’s east coast enjoyed a recent spurt of cold weather and dumping of snow at its top ski resorts.

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About 1.5 inches of powder has fallen at Perisher Ski Resort in the past week – with hundreds of tourists hitting the slopes.

The ski hotspot also announced 187 of its snowguns were firing on Sunday after the temperature dropped to -5C.

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