Sylvester Stallone Didn’t See Eye To Eye With His Late Son Sage

Sage Stallone once opened up about how Sylvester Stallone was often absent when he was a kid due to work commitments, making their relationship pretty much non-existent. “When I was growing up, my dad was always off making a movie somewhere. He didn’t have time for me so my brother and I were raised by our mom,” he told Total Rocky in 1996. But it all changed when he was tapped to star in “Rocky V,” with the experience resulting in the two strengthening their bond. “Ironically it was the movies that alienated my dad and [me] but that finally brought us together,” he said.

It still wasn’t smooth sailing after that, with Sage’s pal, actor Stephen Wozniak, divulging to People that their “love-hate would go back and forth all the time.” He recalled how Sage would sometimes praise his dad, only for him to walk back to his word shortly after. “[Sage] would say, ‘I loved that rare ending in ‘Nighthawks’ that my dad was really sticking up for.’ And then a few minutes later he would look in a magazine and say, ‘Look at these tribal tattoos that my dad is getting at age 66. What is he doing?'” Sage also apparently harbored hard feelings over being glossed for “Rocky Balboa,” with the role going to Milo Ventimiglia instead. Sly reportedly criticized his son for not staying in shape, but in the Chicago Tribune interview, the actor explained that it was for his own good. “You’ve got to give them a little zatz, pull out the carpet and wake them up-then explain they’re better than that.”

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