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The Chase viewers spot ‘chaser’s wrong answer’ missed by ITV as contestant denied £90,100

A grandstand finish on The Chase on ITV1 today left viewers stunned as Paul Sinha appeared to answer a question incorrectly as a contestant was denied £90,100.

The Bradley Walsh led quiz show is currently on a new series on ITV1 and ITVX every day and today’s episode was one of the most white knuckle finishes in the show’s recent history.

Contestant Gavin went up against ‘The Sinnerman’ Paul Sinha in a bid to take home a whopping £90,100 in prize money.

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In a dramatic finish, Paul managed to answer his final question correctly with one second left on the clock, depriving Gavin of his £90,100 jackpot.

But viewers were a bit suspicious because on a question about One Direction, they are sure Paul said ‘Ian Payne’ incorrectly, when the correct answer should have been ‘Liam Payne’.

@realsimonbates said: “I’m sure @paulsinha answered Ian Payne and not Liam on #TheChase”

Paul Sinha denied the contestant £90,100 with one second to spare
Paul Sinha denied the contestant £90,100 with one second to spare

@funkygibbons said: “Rewatching it I’m almost certain Paul said Ian instead of Liam. #TheChase”

@catrionadonnell2 said: “Did anyone notice Paul answered Ian Payne instead of Liam Payne for One Direction question?”

@blufoxx said: “So close. I’m sure Paul answered Ian Payne instead of Liam Payne for one of his answers, though. Gutted for you, either way #TheChase”

And viewers felt doubly sorry for Gavin because he missed out on £90,100 by an agonising ONE second regardless, especially as they lost another question earlier on because Gavin spoke over Katie and his answer was taken.

@stvitusdance said: “Felt sorry for Gavin 1 second short ..ouch”

@anjunawillie said: “Ooh that’s gotta hurt. One second away from victory. #thechase”

@nataliecox101 said: “Tonight’s episode of #thechase was absolutely brilliant again. I love it when the final chase goes right down to the last second. Not as clear cut as yesterday.”

The Chase returns on ITV1 and ITVX at 5pm every weekday.

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