The 2023 Married At First Sight UK series has finally come to an end. The E4 social experiment, which sees dating experts Mel Schilling, Paul C Brunson, and Charlene Douglas match total strangers, kicked off in September.

Now, after 36 episodes – the series has come to an end, with 24 brides and grooms bravely signing up to marry their match despite only meeting at the altar. The series was filmed earlier this year and so the question on everyone’s lips is who is still together and where are they now the cameras have stopped rolling.

Luckily, the final commitment ceremony, which saw the group reunite and aired on Thursday, November 16, gave viewers an insight into just that. The episode was the second part of a two-part reunion, following on from a dramatic dinner party where fans of the show were devastated to learn that Jay Howard and Luke Worley, who were forced to leave the experiment early, had gone their separate ways.

And that wasn’t the only shock, WalesOnline reports, as Matt Pilmoor and Adrienne Naylor also walked into the dinner party solo despite making a commitment to stay together at the final vow renewals. In fact, out of the entire group, the only couples who appeared to still be going strong following the vow renewals were Tasha Jay and Paul Liba, Peggy Rose and Georges Berthonnea, and Erica Roberts and Jordan Gayle, although drama ensued during the dinner party following rumours Jordan had kissed a girl on a night out, which he strongly denied.

So, as the final episode of Married At First Sight UK airs, here’s who rocked up to the reunion commitment ceremony a couple, and here’s who went their separate ways.

Are Tasha and Paul still together?

Yes. In fact, Tasha admitted she’d found her “forever person” in Paul in a sweet Instagram post. During the reunion, the pair said they felt a “whole heap of emotions” looking back at their journey.

The pair explained that after filming Paul had visited Tasha’s hometown of Leeds and that they’d gone on holiday together, with Tasha also telling Paul she loved him. The pair said that moving in together and starting a family was in their future.

Tasha and Paul said they felt safe and secure, as expert Paul told them that love allows people to become their best selves. “I just want to say thank you for accepting me for me and loving me for me,” Tasha told Paul. While Paul called Tasha “amazing” and thanked her for compromising.

Are Peggy and Georges still together?

Yes. The pair decided to recommit to one another at the final vows and at the reunion revealed they were still going strong. Their marriage, however, did have some ups and downs due to Peggy’s family not being a huge fan of Georges.

Speaking at the final commitment ceremony, Peggy admitted she didn’t think they would work but that they had something special now. She also revealed that since filming ended her family now loved Georges as Georges talked about how important the acceptance from Peggy’s family was.

On the next steps, Georges and Peggy said they wanted to move in together. “I do feel very grateful for what we have found,” Peggy said as Georges told Peggy he was falling for her.

Are Erica and Jordan still together?

Yes. Despite a very bumpy reunion. The pair decided to recommit to one another and give things a go on the outside world, they then revealed that their connection had gotten deeper away from screens and that they’d been on holiday together, as well as visiting one another in their hometowns of Edinburgh and Sheffield.

However, a rumour that Jordan had kissed a girl on a night out threatened their relationship during the reunion dinner party, with Erica left upset that Jordan hadn’t given her all the details. He denied the rumours and later apologised to Erica during the final commitment ceremony and told her he’d never hurt her.

The experts told the couple it would be a shame if the incident changed their relationship, with Erica telling Jordan she would be guarded for a while but ultimately decided to accept his apology and move on.

Are Adrienne and Matt still together?

No. The pair decided to stick together during the final vows, despite feeling differently about their futures, however, things didn’t work in the outside world. The pair revealed during the reunion that they mutually decided to split but Matt admitted he was willing to try and felt Adrienne had checked out the minute she got home.

“I was going through a lot at home and really struggling,” Adrienne explained as Matt told her he was going through a lot too. Adrienne was left in tears as she told the experts that it was difficult to explain, while Matt shared that he was hurt.

However, they both admitted they’d been on an amazing journey and wouldn’t have wanted to do it with anyone else despite it not working out.

Are Ella and JJ still together?

No. Ella and JJ re-entered the process as a couple after finding a connection outside of their marriages. Ella, who was the show’s first transgender bride, originally tied the knot with Nathanial but he later quit after learning his wife had been getting closer to JJ.

Meanwhile, JJ married Bianca but admitted he didn’t find her physically attractive, despite asking to be paired with someone different than his usual type. After a few bumps in the road, Bianca’s groom asked for space and later the couple went their separate ways after choosing to leave at a commitment ceremony.

JJ and Ella then started the process as a new couple and made it all the way to the final vows where they ultimately called it quits with very powerful and heartfelt statements that left them both in tears. Ella told JJ she had “so much love” for him but ultimately didn’t think they were right for one another, while, JJ called Ella “amazing” but told her he thought becoming friends was the best decision for them right now.

During the reunion, the pair admitted there was a connection but that they didn’t think marriage would work for them. The experts also praised Bianca for the way she had carried herself, unfortunately, Nathanial didn’t make it to the reunion.

Are Laura and Arthur still together?

No. The pair made it to the final vows and while Arthur was keen to continue to work on the relationship, Laura was not on the same page.

Handing her wedding ring back, Laura said: “I know we’ve grown as individuals in this process, but the more I grow as a person the more I grow apart from you. I’ve always been a fixer, but I’ve realised this relationship is something that can’t be fixed. You helped me realise what I don’t want and I’m going to give you this [wedding ring] back, but thank you for making me realise who I am. You’ll be perfect for someone, but it won’t be me.”

Speaking in tears afterward, Laura said: “Arthur’s vows made it quite difficult for me, I came into this not really knowing what was going to be on the horizon for me, I took a chance and it didn’t pay off.” Meanwhile, a gutted Arthur told cameras: “That made me feel like crap, I didn’t really see it coming, ultimately I was trying to make things work on the outside and I’m really gutted that she didn’t feel the same way, we could have had something special.”

Arthur wasn’t able to make it to the final reunion but Laura explained why she had cut it off to the experts, sharing that she realised the work she was putting in wasn’t being appreciated by Arthur.

Are Jay and Luke still together?

No. The pair were one of the strongest couples in the experiment but were forced to leave the process early after Luke had an altercation with co-star Jordan. Despite their early exit Jay and Luke left together and were keen to give things a go. However, during the final dinner party, Jay entered solo and tearily told the group they had split. She explained: “He literally, basically just said, like, we are better off just being friends. I asked him what he wanted, but he couldn’t answer the question.”

“Did it come out of the blue for you?” Laura Vaughn then asked, to which Jay responded: “No, I was expecting it, but, I would have preferred to have made it work, it’s just you need both of you to put the effort in.”

During the reunion, they revealed they were strong after leaving the experiment and even went on holiday. However, Luke said things changed when Jay asked for more communication and said fundamentally the distance was the problem. However, expert Paul told Luke the communication issues and distance were just excuses and asked for the real reason. The group then got involved, telling Luke they felt like there’d been no fight from him when Jay ended things.

Jay then explained that she didn’t want to end things but felt like she was more into Luke than he was into her. Asked if there was any more fight left by the experts, Luke said there wasn’t and that the relationship wouldn’t work, he added that he wouldn’t change for anyone.

Are Rozz and Thomas still together?

No. Everyone was rooting for the pair who appeared to be going from strength to strength in the experiment after an initial shaky and frosty start, but it wasn’t meant to be. In heartbreaking and unexpected scenes Rozz had a change of heart and admitted she just wanted to be friends.

Rozz opened up during the final commitment ceremony and told how the homestays made her realise that although she does want children, she doesn’t want them with Thomas. In between sobs, Rozz said: “I feel bad. I don’t want to say it. When I look at Thomas, it is not anything to do with Thomas, maybe I just don’t want children with Thomas.”

Speaking to the cameras, Thomas said he was “heartbroken”. However, the pair have remained great friends and often big one another up on social media. Speaking to Rozz at the reunion commitment ceremony, expert Mel said: “You did build something really great from nothing and you’ve chosen to walk away from that, what happened?”

“I just freaked out,” Rozz explained as Thomas told the experts his former bride was the “most wonderful” person he’d ever met and still had feelings for her but didn’t want to lose the friendship.

Are Sean and Mark still together?

No. The pair left the series during the penultimate dinner party after Sean decided to call it quits and during the reunion dinner party Mark admitted he hadn’t heard from his former groom. Their split came after the group delivered some home truths to one another in the form of anonymous letters. The task brought clarity to Sean, who told cameras the letter was “tough” to read because it was true.

The revelations in the handwritten note, which suggested the pair were just friends, led to Sean choosing to end his marriage. The groom told the cameras: “You know, it was a really tough letter to read because it was true. It just gives us some clarity on how I’ve been feeling. I’m pretty sure I know what I’m going to do now after reading this letter. It just needs to be done.”

He then pulled his husband Mark for a chat, where he told him: “I need to be true to myself on this one and after that letter as well… I don’t see this going any further. I’m going to leave. I don’t want to do this, I don’t want to hurt you.” During the reunion, Sean apologised to Mark for tainting his experience as he admitted he wasn’t ready.

Are Brad and Shona still together?

No. Brad and Shona have well and truly gone their separate ways and are now in new relationships after they were removed from the process by Channel 4 bosses as the “environment was not working for the couple and it was the right time to leave the experiment.”

Their exit played out on screens and saw expert Paul tell them: “What I’m seeing happen is you have devolved, what it sounds like is there are moments when the desire is there but there are a lot of moments, where you are saying Shona, that you feel belittled, to a point where this is not a healthy relationship, and I know you know this, but this is not working, it’s just not.”

He continued: “We can see you’ve developed strong feelings for each other but right now this is not an environment where your relationship can flourish. On that basis, we believe it’s in your best interest that you exit the process now.”

They did both reunite at the reunion, with Brad telling the experts that while the physical attraction was there there was no emotional one. Shona told the experts she had been “love bombed” by Brad who told her he loved her and then admitted he had no emotional attachment to her. Shona told Brad she didn’t want to be friends as she wished him all the best for the future.

Are Porscha and Terence still together?

No. Porscha and Terence were the first couple of the experiment to call it quits after he decided to walk away from the process during the second commitment ceremony. The newlyweds had a pretty bumpy journey from the start, which included falling out over a spoon, yes, you read that right, on their honeymoon.

Terence actually opted to leave the show during the first commitment ceremony, but because his wife chose to stay the pair had to remain and work on their relationship. But just whilst it seemed like the duo were getting back on track, an off-camera game of spin the bottle, in which Terence learned that his wife had kissed other contestants behind his back, saw the groom packing his bags.

During the next commitment ceremony, Terence announced he was quitting the show, regardless of what Porscha had chosen to do. Explaining his reason, he said: “I thought it was a pride thing, I thought everyone had the upper hand and they were laughing at me. So I was trying to say stay, trying to stay, I was toying for ages – it wasn’t until the last minute I made the decision. I’ve taken time by myself and I’ve listened to some of the guys. But, I’m leaving.”

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