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Torrey DeVitto Engaged After Tough Breakup & Whirlwind Romance

Torrey DeVitto

Heavy/Hallmark Torrey DeVitto, who starred in Hallmark’s “Love’s Greek to Me” in June, is engaged.

Less than three months after revealing on social media that she was in a new relationship, longtime Hallmark actress and “Chicago Med” alum Torrey DeVitto is engaged to Jared LaPine.

On September 7, 2023, an unnamed source broke the news to Us Weekly, revealing that LaPine proposed to DeVitto over Labor Day weekend at her farm in Michigan. The next day, the star’s rep confirmed the news to People and DeVitto posted a black and white photo on Instagram of her snuggling with LaPine, who has directed multiple short films and worked as a production assistant on multiple TV shows, per IMDb.

According to Us Weekly’s source, who said the couple has dated for six months, LaPine’s proposal “was a big surprise, even though they had talked about it someday, she didn’t know it was happening that week at all.”

DeVitto, 38, has been in several high profile romances; in fact, many fans expressed surprise about her engagement to LaPine, thinking she was still with Chicago Cubs manager David Ross, who she started dating in 2021, per Us Weekly. But DeVitto revealed in a March 2023 podcast that she had just ended their relationship. Here’s what you need to know:

Torrey DeVitto Met Fiancé Weeks After Breaking Up With Chicago Cubs Manager

The first public acknowledgement of DeVitto’s new relationship occurred in June, the same month DeVitto starred as a newly engaged woman in Hallmark’s “Love’s Greek to Me.” On June 9, LaPine posted two photos on his Instagram feed of himself embracing DeVitto as she sat in his lap.

“Enter Cheesy/Sappy line here -,” he wrote and she replied, “I love us.”

On June 23, he posted photos taken with her in a field in Michigan, where DeVitto owns a farm, and captioned the photos by writing, “Here is to now.” He tagged DeVitto and she responded with three red heart emoji.

Two days later, on June 25, she shared pics from the same photo shoot, marking her first public acknowledgement of their relationship. The actress wrote, “Michigan Poppies and Pride 🧡 #HappiestPlaceOnEarth” and tagged LaPine. 

Us Weekly’s source said, “They are not planning the wedding just yet, but she is eager to start.”

LaPine seems to be a fellow animal lover, given how many of his social media posts feature his dog Cash, a fox red lab he got in 2019. DeVitto has a rural 7.6-acre Michigan farm home, according to ethos, where she’s raising chickens, goats and a new surprise litter of seven kittens, which she shared in her Instagram Stories over the past week.

“I now have 13 cats,” she shared on September 7. “I guess you can just call me the cat lady. They come to me even when I don’t call. I’ve officially accepted my role.”

Torrey DeVitto Details Breakup From Her Previous Beau, Chicago Cubs Manager David Ross

Torrey DeVitto, David RossTorrey DeVitto, David Ross

Heavy/GettyTorrey DeVitto, David Ross

According to Us Weekly’s source, DeVitto and LaPine were introduced to each other by DeVitto’s cousin. Given that the source said they’ve been together for six months, they likely met while DeVitto’s breakup with Ross was still fresh.

During her March 8 appearance on the “Unqualified” podcast with fellow actress Anna Faris, DeVitto revealed she had recently ended her relationship, which had grown so serious they were planning to go shopping for engagement rings.

“I’m actually single right now,” DeVitto revealed. “I actually was just in a relationship and the day before he took me to an impromptu ‘get my ring sized’ to see, you know, about engagement rings, I found out that he was on a dating app. And I found out because he liked my friend’s profile by accident. So I’ve been single since then.”

When Farris asked if she was blindsided and heartbroken, DeVitto said, “I knew he was this way in his past, but it was the whole, ‘I’m different now, I’m different, I’m different.’ Every time I would go near his phone from the time we started dating, he was very quick to not want me near his phone. And that is such a big red flag for me, you know what I mean? And I ignored that, and I asked about it, and I just kept ignoring it.”

“It’s so funny ’cause he’s an ex-athlete and I always had a rule — ‘no athletes’ — for this very reason. And I thought, ‘Oh, now that he’s not an athlete, he’s past that part. So, there were some signs there that I ignored for sure.”

Though DeVitto didn’t identify Ross by name, he was a Major League Baseball catcher from 2002 through 2016, according to ESPN, and he became the Cubs’ manager in 2019. DeVitto told Faris that even after discovering the dating app on his phone, she tried to work things out with him in therapy, until she finally realized it wasn’t going to work.

“I’m a hopeless romantic, I love being in a relationship,” DeVitto said, adding that she was married once for two years.

DeVitto was married to fellow actor Paul Wesley from 2011 to 2013, according to People.

“I would love to be married (again),” she told Faris. “But it’s like the wild, wild west out there.”

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