Alabama Luella Barker shares her mom’s good looks and dress style. Still, she’s definitely a daddy’s girl, and Travis Barker always backs his girl, no matter what. He once slammed Echosmith drummer Graham Sierota after he slid into Alabama’s DMs when she was 13 and he was 20. “That’s predatory behavior, and there is nothing cool, normal, or ok about it at all,” Travis told The Blast.

Alabama has been ridiculed over her musical abilities, but Travis is a staunch fan. He said she used to record Christmas songs for him as a gift when she was 2 years old and that she’s always had talent. “She practices for four hours at a time,” Travis told KTLA 5, admitting how proud he is. “She’s great in the studio, she has amazing studio etiquette, and she’s a really hard worker.”

Alabama has also been criticized for her Instagram posts, which some have deemed overly sexualized. The pictures feature provocative poses and revealing clothing, but the negative comments directed towards her have been harsh and bullying, which is especially concerning since she is still a minor. Travis told Entertainment Tonight that he’s let both his kids have Instagram accounts since they were little but remains protective of them at all times. “I’m always with them; I watch what they post, I make sure they don’t do anything weird, you know, and I watch for creeps,” he said, adding: “And I go to the gun range. I go to the shooting range a lot.”

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