Trump comments on Israel's Netanyahu

Former President Donald Trump said that Israeli Prime Minister “Bibi Netanyahu rightfully has been criticized for what took place on October 7,” according to Time, which noted that the transcript of Trump’s remarks had been “lightly edited.”

Terrorists perpetrated horrific atrocities, slaughtering, raping, and kidnapping people on October 7 last year.

“I had a bad experience with Bibi,” Trump said, according to the outlet. “And it had to do with Soleimani, because as you probably know by now, he dropped out just before the attack. And I said, ‘What’s that all about?’ Because that was going to be a joint and all of a sudden, we were told that Israel was not doing it. And I was not happy about that. That was something I never forgot. And it showed me something.”

During Trump’s White House tenure, the U.S. announced that it had killed Qasem Soleimani. A Pentagon press release described the man as “the head of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps-Quds Force.”

“I would say that what happened on—the October 7 should have never happened,” Trump said, according to Time. The presumptive 2024 Republican presidential nominee said, “People said that shouldn’t have happened. They have the most sophisticated equipment. They had—everything was there to stop that. And a lot of people knew about it, you know, thousands and thousands of people knew about it, but Israel didn’t know about it, and I think he’s being blamed for that very strongly, being blamed.”

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