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Unhinged Florida preschool teacher brags about telling kids they can choose their family: ‘F**k your mom! … I am so sad and I hate my sister!’

A woman who is allegedly a preschool teacher in Florida posted a viral video detailing how she teaches students that they can choose their family and claimed it had nothing to do with her “queerness.” The same woman said she teaches her students to be gay.

The video was posted by Dede Duffy, who uses the account name Watr.Bug on TikTok with about 17,000 followers, as reported by Louder with Crowder.

Duffy, who is reportedly a preschool teacher in Cape Coral, Florida, spoke about the concept of “chosen families” from the front seat of a car and explained how she felt she didn’t receive adequate affection as a child, so she teaches her young students that they should love their friends more than their parents.

“I feel like I had to learn the concept of chosen families really young, and it wasn’t anything to do with my queerness, but just based on the fact that I didn’t have the love at home that I needed,” Duffy expressed. “I knew that I was valuable and deserved it, so I found it on my own early on, and I shouldn’t be blamed for that because blood, it still exists.”

Duffy then exploded into a diatribe about hating her family and her deep sadness: “You were never there for me, and I found my own love, and that’s okay, and I think everyone should be allowed to do that, and that’s what I f**cking teach in the classroom, okay?” she exclaimed. “I always say give it to your friend, not your mom, because f**k your mom! And I don’t know, I’ve just been so sad. I am so sad, and I hate my sister, she is a f**king c***.”

The final portion of the video showed the teacher with excessive amounts of makeup, in a classroom, with a caption that read “the only thing these [Florida] kids r learning from me is be gay.”

Popular X account Libs of TikTok shared the video of Duffy and garnered nearly 12 million views in under two days.

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