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Vaccinated people who catch Covid are reporting unique symptoms – the 4 signs to watch for

BRITS who are vaccinated against Covid-19 are reporting unique symptoms, data has revealed.

The NHS says the three key Covid symptoms are a new persistent cough, a high temperature and a loss of taste or smell – but experts warn these could differ in jabbed people.

If you're sneezing a lot and you have had your Covid vaccines, then this could be a sign that you have contracted the virus


If you’re sneezing a lot and you have had your Covid vaccines, then this could be a sign that you have contracted the virusCredit: Getty – Contributor

No vaccine is 100 per cent effective, but Covid jabs help to protect people from severe disease and hospitalisation.

Experts at the ZOE Symptom Tracker App have found there are four key symptoms people who have been vaccinated are experiencing.

Data published by the experts states that sneezing is one of the main symptoms vaccinated Brits have reported.

Sneezing is not a common symptom of the virus and the experts say if you have this, it’s more likely to be down to a common cold or to allergies.

But if you’ve been vaccinated, it’s possible this could be a sign of Covid, rather than hay fever.

The experts said that most people who are jabbed have mild symptoms, but added: “Interestingly, our data shows that people who had been vaccinated and then tested positive for Covid-19 were more likely to report sneezing as a symptom compared with those without a jab.

“This suggests that sneezing a lot with no explanation after you’ve been vaccinated could be a sign of Covid-19.”

If you are sneezing a lot then they said you should take precautions to stop the virus spreading.

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They added: “Sneezing is a key way that viruses spread. Try to cover all coughs and sneezes with tissue or the inside of your elbow to minimise the spread of droplets.

“Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth until you wash your hands.”

They also highlighted that a headache, runny nose and a sore throat are the key symptoms in people who have been vaccinated.

The data on Covid symptoms in jabbed Brits comes from 2,278 vaccinated adults who tested positive with Covid and logged their signs on the ZOE Symptom Tracker app.

The experts analysed the data and compared it to vaccinated adults who tested negative and unvaccinated adults who tested positive.

The experts did not disclose whether this data referred to double jabbed Brits or people who had received just one dose.

So far 46.6 million Brits have had a first dose of a vaccine, with 37.4 million having had a second.

The experts warned in total there are 20 symptoms of Covid, so you should stay alert.

It’s important that if you think you have caught Covid that you get tested and isolate.

The experts said: “Sneezing a lot could be a potential sign that someone vaccinated has Covid-19 and, however mild, should take a test and self-isolate to protect their friends, family and colleagues.

“Whether you’ve had both Covid jabs or not, we all still need to be careful to follow the advice on ‘hands, face, space, fresh air’ to protect your own health as well as those around you in your family, workplace and community.”

The 4 common Covid symptoms in jabbed Brits

While most people who are vaccinated against Covid have mild symptoms, they are likely to be different than those outlined by the NHS.

The four key symptoms in people who have been vaccinated include:

  • Sneezing
  • Headache
  • Runny nose
  • Sore throat
Dr Hilary Jones urges caution as UK covid cases continue to fall

Source: Sun

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