'We believe in God and Jesus ... we don’t stand for that': Pro-Hamas radicals evacuated from Ole Miss — in face of Old Glory

Taking a page from the playbook of University of North Carolina fraternity brothers who captured America’s heart for protecting a U.S. flag on campus this week amid anti-Israel protests, more than 200 students at the University of Mississippi showed up with U.S. flags and red, white, and blue attire to drown out a much smaller group of pro-Palestinian protesters Thursday.

In fact, the pro-Palestinian demonstrators were evacuated from the campus of Ole Miss, the Clarion Ledger reported.

What are the details?

WMC-TV reported that the pro-Palestinian protest was supposed to start at the University Circle but was forced to move after a group of students blocked off the area, saying they were protecting the flag.

“I believe that is just the most important thing for us to do right now is protect everything we stand for,” Ole Miss student Aubrey Grace told the station, adding that “recently with the encampments across the nation, you have seen violence on other school campuses, and that is something that we cannot tolerate, especially as Americans.”

The Ledger said upward of 60 pro-Palestinian protesters gathered on the Quad, and then things heated up when the counter-protesters showed up.

WMC added in its video report that a pro-Palestinian protester threw a water bottle into the crowd of pro-Israel protesters — and then bottles and food were flying in both directions.

Soon, police led the pro-Palestinian protesters into the School of Applied Sciences building, the Ledger said. Jacob Batte, Ole Miss director of media relations, confirmed to the paper that the pro-Palestinian protesters had been safely evacuated from campus on buses.

There reportedly were no arrests or injuries, WHBQ-TV reported.

Pryce Parker — an Ole Miss student who joined the counter protest — told WHBQ in regard to the pro-Palestinian protesters that “you can’t take over our campus like the campuses in the north. This is a southern campus. We believe in God and Jesus, and we don’t stand for that.”

Pro-Palestine protests on Ole Miss campusyoutu.be

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