Lisa Niemi has always had a creative eye. In 2009, she helped her husband, Patrick Swayze, co-write his memoir, “The Time of My Life.” In one excerpt, she detailed what the book meant to her, especially with Swayze’s cancer diagnosis. “In some ways, getting to do this book gave me a passport into the past,” she wrote. “It couldn’t elongate my time with him, but it did show me that some of those bumps I wished I could get rid of don’t look so bad when we keep coming out on the other side.” Although this book was co-written with Swazye, it seemed to inspire Niemi to write another.

In 2012, three years after Swayze’s death, Niemi published her second book titled, “Worth Fighting For: Love, Loss, and Moving Forward.” According to her website, the book detailed her life during Swayze’s final years and some of her life after he tragically passed away. In the book, Niemi shared, “I tell you, I am a different person now. One who has been thrown into the fire and forged.”

Niemi revealed to Extra that she hopes readers will be able to learn something from her own experience with grief. “All of us are faced with loss, and there’s incredible gifts that can be yielded from the situation,” she shared. “It can bring people closer than ever before, and in learning how to die, you really learn how to live.”

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