“Single Soon” isn’t at all like “The Heart Wants What It Wants” or any of the other sad love songs that Selena Gomez sings so well. “Single Soon” is sung from the POV of a woman who’s about to leave her relationship — and could not be happier if she tried. The song starts with Gomez going over a few savage means to break up with her boyfriend. “Should I do it on the phone? /  Should I leave a little note / In the pocket of his coat?” Gomez sings (via Genius). To add insult to injury, Gomez also considers disappearing so she does not have to see her partner cry after she delivers the final blow. It’s probably safe to say they have no idea she already has one foot out of the door.

According to Bustle, the song’s opening actually ties into Gomez’s “Sex and the City” Instagram promo, because it was inspired by a scene when Carrie Bradshaw’s boyfriend used a Post-It note to end their relationship. Fortunately, in this song, Gomez is sitting in the driver’s seat, which is why she’s able to go on about her night in the most fabulous manner. Later in the song, Gomez brags about getting dressed up to celebrate her impending breakup. “I’m pickin’ out this dress / Tryin’ on these shoes / ‘Cause I’ll be single soon / I’ll be single soon,” she continues.

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