A Yorkshire woman has said her home is just a few inches from being completely flooded as water has taken over the holiday park which she lives on and runs.

Emma Jayne is 23 and lives on site at Greengrass Park in East Yorkshire. The site is owned by her father and is managed as a family business – run by Emma, her fiancé Kev Saunders and her brother, reports Hull Live.

The holiday park is located near the village of Brandesburton, inland of Hornsea and near Driffield, and has a number of five-star reviews, some which describe it as a “paradise”. However, now Emma fears everything could be ruined.

Photos show how the water has overwhelmed the park almost completely. Water has surrounded the buildings, including the reception, pub and homes with Emma saying the water is “waist deep” in some places and that the family are having to wear waders to walk around.

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Emma said the water had been slowly building up all month after a neighbouring field had flooded. She said workers from the Environment Agency had visited but urgent action was now needed to save the park. According to Emma, the site was protected by a Bond Wall, which had worked after being installed in 2013, but that it had now been overwhelmed.

“Basically, we’ve got a field next to us which does tend to fill with water, we have got flood defences next to us, but they are just pumping more water to us,” she claimed. “My dad is the owner, me and my fiancé and my brother manage it for him. We are nearly losing everything we own, our pub, our clubhouse and our reception office.

“We had to evacuate everyone on Friday morning. We are the only people who live on-site and we’ve not got anywhere else to go. We are staying in our home but we have got four inches until the water gets inside. We’ve been in contact with the Environment Agency multiple times but they have not helped. They are ringing us and we are saying, ‘What are you going to do?'”

In just 12 hours, Emma said the flood water had risen by another two inches. She said: “We just want a little bit of help. We want them to work with us. We are constantly trying to fight this water. The water is waist deep in places and we are walking around in waders. It flooded in 2007 but this has got to be so much worse than that.”

Greengrass Park has been left flooded
Greengrass Park has been left flooded
(Image: Hull Live)

An Environment Agency spokesperson said: “The Hempholme Pumping Station – which is adjacent to the Green Grass Caravan site – is currently in operation to try and reduce water levels and we have been in regular contact with the owners of this site to discuss options for pumping the excess water.

“While we are working to pump as much water as we can, there are challenges with conditions in this location, and in order to effectively pump water away, we need water levels downstream to be lower. We will continue to work to maximise pumping at this location.”

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