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Rubi Rose Responds To Allegations From Jelaminah That She Didn’t Return Items From Her Showroom

It is very important for customers to tag the brand as a business owner whenever they wear an item. It helps build the brand and creates a new level of exposure, especially if the person wearing the items is a celebrity. Today Jelaminah from “The Bad Girls Club” called out Rubi Rose for allegedly not returning items from her showroom this past February.

Jela announced on Twitter in a series of tweets. She tweeted,” Ok, so I let a stylist friend of mine pull looks for Rubi Rose for my showroom. This was at the end of February, I keep asking for my stuff back, and I’m getting the runaround, and I don’t appreciate it. This girl even performed in my outfit. Never said thank you or acknowledged my brand.”

She continued saying that she just wanted her items back today and that she and Rubi both live in downtown Los Angeles. One Twitter user asked her, “If you stay down the street, why won’t you go down there and ask?” She responded, “I would never go to someone’s house that I don’t know. I just know we live close by each other.”

Shortly after, Rubi stepped into The Shade Room and shut down all Jela’s claims. She commented,” I don’t know shorty or her brand. Thank you for the clothes. You should talk to @thatssokhalil. I have nothing to do with that. I have nothing to do with that. I charge for a promo. I have nothing to do with that. I charge for promo. There must have been a mishap..” Her on-again-off-again boyfriend DDG also stepped into The Shade Room, defending Rubi, commenting, “CAPPPP.”

Rubi also agreed with one of the Roommates that said that the situation was not her fault and that all of the blame should be on her stylist Khalil. Roomies, do yall think Jelaminah should have gone about another way to contact Rubi?

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