Prior to his death, Aaron Carter was working on a project and the production will continue as they think that moving forward with the sitcom is a way to honor him, as they’ll dedicate it to his memory.

Aaron Carter, the teen music sensation

TMZ reports that the pilot episode was wrapped a month ago and Brian Farmer, the writer and director of “Group” already has the blessing of Aaron Carter’s family to complete the project and dedicate it to him.

Farmer explained that the show, called “Group” focuses on group therapy and intends to push as an advocate for mental health, an issue that was deared to Aaron Carter and one that he was eager to open up about, playing a fictionalized version of himself in the project.

Aaron Carter will be missed in the production

Aaron Carter’s disturbing video four days before his death

Brian Farmer remembers that Aaron Carter was a kind sould and mentioned it was a true pleasure to work with him, adding that the show was a positive remainder to Aaron that their was something to work towards.

The pilot is under post-production and it will feature Samm Levine, Anne Judson-Yager and Mike Starr alongside other stars.

Olive Chiacchia, the co-protagonist across from Aaron Carter in the show dedicated some words to her late friend and expressed how she wishes that the world could see him as she did and saw his side of the story.

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