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Baby mama drama: Xavien Howard faces allegations of four pregnancies

Miami Dolphins cornerback Xavien Howard, known for his shutdown skills on the football field, is currently embroiled in a tangled web of baby mama drama. This isn’t the first time the NFL star has faced accusations from women, and now, allegations of four women being pregnant by him have come to light.

Xavien Howard’s recent troubles aren’t the first instance of him facing scrutiny. Last October, he found himself included in a lawsuit filed in Broward County, Florida. A woman, referred to as Jane Doe, claimed to have contracted an “incurable” STD from him. The legal battle saw Doe seeking $30,000 in damages after a series of exchanges involving Howard providing a negative STD test, only for Doe to discover in 2021 that she had contracted an illness.

Now, Howard’s situation has escalated, with allegations of four women expecting his children, as revealed by an Instagram model who goes by the handle tappedinwithtai. The accusations came to light through an Instagram account known as theneighborhoodtalk, which posted screenshots of tappedinwithtai’s statement, along with images of her and Howard together.

Xavien Howard gets himself in a messy situation

In her Instagram post, the model doesn’t hold back, asserting, “iamxavienhoward Let’s clear the air, because this man obviously has a fetish in getting women pregnant. And now I have his other baby mothers reaching out to me.” She continues, “He wants to pay me off to terminate my pregnancy and from the looks of the screenshot he sent me with his other baby mother, he wants her to terminate too. Steer clear from this one ladies, there’s no regard for anyone he involves himself with.”

Tappedinwithtai also takes responsibility for her actions, stating that she intends to have the child. The situation is complex, with multiple parties involved, and the drama shows no signs of abating.

As the story unfolds, public opinion is divided. Some wonder whether the IG model shares any responsibility for her part in the situation, while others place the blame squarely on Xavien Howard. The story raises questions about responsibility, consent, and communication in intimate relationships.

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