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Taylor Swift Hilariously Responds To Fans Wondering Where Her Cat Meredith Is!

We all know Swifties won’t stop until they’ve uncovered every mystery, so Taylor Swift gave them a break by solving this one.

Last week, the Grammy winner released her first re-recorded album, Fearless (Taylor’s Version) into the world. Like everything TayTay touches, the project was a smashing success — and fans are already sleuthing to figure out what the next re-record will be. But in the meantime, the singer celebrated her Fearless success with the answer to an unrelated mystery.

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On Friday, she posted a video on Instagram with the caption:

“WELL WELL WELL you all really went out and left my greatest expectations in shambles this week. Word on the street is you made Fearless (my version) the biggest country album first week of the last 6 years and the top release of 2021 so far. Honestly??? How?? Did I get this lucky???? I wanted to say thank you to you so today I will be addressing a very pressing issue.

In the clip, the superstar addressed the camera:

“So we’ve been hearing some rumors on the internet recently — I mean, they’re not about you, Benj, but they’re about your sister.”

This is followed by an explosion of screenshots featuring fans asking after her cat Meredith, and then the answer:

“The truth is, Meredith just HATES having her picture taken.”

The video features a few snapshots of the Grey’s Anatomy-named kitty looking disgruntled as proof. Then Taylor herself returned, saying:

“So yeah, there it is, there you have it, that’s the explanation. She’s just a really private little cat. She likes her business kept to herself, she doesn’t like a camera shoved in her face, and who can blame her. So, um, there’s your update on Meredith.”

Before signing off, she played paparazzi to that cat, questioning her before she runs away:

“So do you have any comment on the recent allegations that you’re a missing cat?”


Fans were so excited about spotting the famous feline, “Meredith” quickly began trending on Twitter.

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It may not be confirmation of the next album (keep those fingers crossed, 1989 theorizers), but this is probably the next best thing. Although of course, some fans were already connecting the new cat content to their easter egg conspiracies:

We’re not sure if Meredith has any clues to reveal, but we’re grateful for the laughs nonetheless! Thanks Taylor!

[Image via Taylor Swift/Instagram]

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Apr 16, 2021 14:22pm PDT

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