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Two Women Arrested After VICIOUS Brawl Breaks Out At Bath & Body Works Store! Whoa!

What kind of people get into fights at the local Bath & Body Works store?!

Arizona people, apparently!!

A vicious brawl broke out at the Bath & Body Works store inside the Fashion Square Mall in Scottsdale, Arizona this week — and it was all caught on tape, destined to immediately go viral across the internet!

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As you can see (below), employees and customers went after each other in a violent fight that started at the store’s counter, spread through the line, and eventually worked its way through the back of the store, involving more than half-a-dozen combatants:

[embedded content]


According to TMZ, Scottsdale Police arrested two women and dished out criminal charges, though they wouldn’t say which people in the video had been jailed, or exactly what the charges were. They are still investigating exactly what happened, but believe that the whole thing started “because somebody cut in line.”


We mean, cutting in line *is* messed up, but it’s not that serious!

BTW, the woman who witnessed the entire fight, shot the viral video, and posted it online went on CBS5AZ to discuss her perspective on the crazy moment:

[embedded content]

All this over a spot in line?! Really?? What a world we live in!!!

[Image via PNP/WENN]

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Mar 08, 2021 17:53pm PDT

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