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Tyler Posey’s Leaked OnlyFans Content Drives Twitter Crazy!

[Warning: NSFW Content]

Look, we all knew Tyler Posey had an OnlyFans account. So of course in theory he could be sharing photos and videos in which he smacked his peen around like it owed him money.

But sometimes you know something in theory but don’t really know know it until it’s right in your face, making smacking noises. That seems to be the case with Twitter this week after the Teen Wolf star’s latest content leaked out all over the social network.

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It turns out Tyler is not pulling a Bella Thorne after all but rather pulling… something else entirely. After his ex-girlfriend got him into the pay-per-content platform — where she appears to be scamming people with mislabeled pics, much to the annoyance of adult performers there — he apparently decided to go a different way.

A fully nude way.

After some of that new nude content hit Twitter, the star started trending — leading unsuspecting fans into a sort of peen trap. The reactions were NOT OK!


Seizing the moment, Variety jumped on the trending topic as an opportunity to post a recent interview they had done with Tyler, in which he talks all about his foray into adult entertainment — and its impact on his sexual liberation.

Just a few weeks ago, the 29-year-old told E! News he felt like an object on the site:

“OnlyFans is bizarre. It’s really, sort of mentally draining. You really feel like an object on OnlyFans. I’m trying my hardest to be artistic as possible with the content I put out ’cause I don’t want it to just be porn, you know? That’s not what I do and I don’t want to take it away from the people that are doing that. I just want to be artistic and stay in touch with my fans.”

So of course Variety asked about that. Surprisingly Tyler is already in a different place about it, saying:

“OnlyFans, where do I start with this? I don’t feel that way anymore, objectified, because what fixed that was that that’s going to happen no matter what.”

He then got into his origins on the site and how literally followed Bella Thorne into it:

“OnlyFans was a trip for me. Bella [Thorne] is my friend through the whole entire thing, and she helped me get into it. She hit me up one time after I posted some pictures. She’s like, ‘This is more skin than you need to post on OnlyFans. Call me.’ I really liked her pitch.”

Innerestingly, Tyler feels more comfortable putting out intimate nude photos than more traditional modeling ones:

“It was really cool. A way to be artistic and push out different content, new content. It’s also been a big experiment for me, because I’ve never been a model. I felt icky modeling. So it’s a little bit of me stepping out of that box and out of my comfort zone and trying new things.”

The other big, unexpected plus about OnlyFans? It encouraged him to come out as sexually fluid! He explains:

“Plus it also gave me a really good platform to be really open about my sexuality. It’s being really in contact with my fans, releasing creative new content that people don’t see anywhere else, and being really open about anything, whether it’s sexuality or drug abuse or anything. That’s where I really found my footing. “

On the decision to come out, Tyler recalls:

“It was just a split-second decision. I didn’t think about how it would be received or what kind of press I would get on it, but I woke up the next day and it was all these tabloids about me coming out as pansexual. I didn’t label that. The kids, the fans, or whoever wrote those articles labeled that. I thought that was really interesting that it just broke down this wall that I didn’t feel like I put up, but it was easier for me to just be honest about all that stuff.”

What is he looking for most from OnlyFans? He spells it out:

“I’m just really trying to make it artistic, but if I have to show my butt, I want to make it really funny, not take myself seriously, and bring that to OnlyFans, because that’s who I am. I am a little taboo. I’ve always been a little bit edgier and sexually inclined and just wanting to push the envelope in a bunch of different ways.”

We can’t help butt wonder if the leak will bring more folks to his page. While a lot of the responses we saw on Twitter were alarmed, there surely must have been just as many who quietly enjoyed what they saw and found themselves hungry for more.

What do YOU think about Tyler doing OnlyFans??

[Image via Tyler Posey/Instagram.]

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Mar 09, 2021 16:11pm PDT

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