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Wait, Is Matt Damon Coming Back For Thor: Love And Thunder?

We don’t actually know his character’s name because Matt Damon was uncredited in the 2017 movie, but evidently he is one of the great Asgardian thespians. He only had one scene in Thor: Ragnarok, which featured him playing Loki in a staged performance of the events of Thor: The Dark World , including the God of Mischief’s big “death” scene (with Chris Hemsworth’s brother, Luke Hemsworth, playing Fake Thor). We didn’t see what happened to the actor during the attack by Hela and the destruction of Asgard by Surtur, but if he is showing up in Thor: Love And Thunder we can probably assume that he managed to not only make it to the lifeboat, but also then make it to an escape pod during the Thanos attack that played out right before the start of the action in Avengers: Infinity War.

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