Who is Kristine Jung?

Kristine Sunshine Jung was born on 1 August 1978, in the United States of America, and is a businesswoman, but unfortunately best known for being the daughter of the famed drug smuggler George Jung. Her father, also known as Boston George or El Americano, was a part of the Medellin Cartel which was responsible for smuggling 85% of cocaine into the US during the 1970s and ‘80s.

The Net Worth of Kristine Jung

How rich is Kristine Jung? As of early-2019, sources estimate a net worth that is at $150,000, earned through success in her various endeavors. There was a time when her net worth was significantly high, probably due to the wealth amassed by her father in his life of crime, but the sentencing has seriously denuded her bank account.

Early Life

Kristina had a difficult childhood as both of her parents were involved in drugs. Her father was a drug smuggler and had been arrested a few times even before her birth. He didn’t stop these activities even after she was born, and continued in a life of crime. Her mother on the other hand was a drug addict, and had even spent time in jail due to drugs, but eventually stopped using when Kristine was three years old.

In 1984 her parents divorced, as she couldn’t have a normal childhood with her father’s lifestyle; she didn’t get a chance to know him very well. She was mainly raised by her grandparents, as both her parents were arrested. They took good care of her until her grandfather passed away, and she then lived with her aunt at the request of her grandmother, continuing her education while under her care.

Kristine Jung and George Jung

Father – George Jacob Jung

Kristina’s father was a major name in the drug smuggling trade of the 1970s and ‘80s. After discovering and using marijuana during his college days, he became involved in the potential of smuggling it into New England, where it could be sold at a greater profit This began his career of smuggling, using the help of friends to expand his reach to other areas. He was eventually based in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, using private planes and professional pilots to deliver his drugs. During the peak of his career, he was making around $250,000 a month, but all that ended in 1974, when he was arrested in Chicago for smuggling 300 kilograms of marijuana.

He got a reduced sentence, but was introduced to the Medellin Cartel when he met cellmate Carlos Lehder Rivas who had connections to the group. They went into business after his release, and became the smugglers of Pablo Escobar’s cocaine from Colombia to California. As the middleman, George earned millions from this operation, approximately $15 million per drug run. He kept his money in Panama to avoid laundering it in the US, and continued smuggling until the 1980s when he was arrested at his mansion in Massachusetts. He was released in the 1990s but became involved in drugs again, later arrested and serving a sentence that had him imprisoned until 2014.

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In 2001, a biographical film was made covering the life of George Jung. It was directed by Ted Demme, and is an adaptation of the book entitled “Blow: How a Small Town Boy Made $100 Million with the Medellin Cocaine Cartel, and Lost It All” written by Bruce Porter. It is based on the real life of Jung, Pablo Escobar and Carlos Lehder Rivas, along with the Medellin Cartel. The name of the film “Blow” is a slang term for the drug cocaine.

The film was a minor box office success, and had mixed reviews but the film was successful in pointing out the relationship between George and his daughter. According to several reports, the film was responsible for helping the two patch up their relationship as they frequently communicated during the creation of the film. Kristina was set to have a cameo in the film, but the scene was later cut, and was only included in the DVD release. After George’s release from jailin 2014, the two patched-up their relationship, and things went well for the next three years.


Personal Life and Current Endeavors

For her personal life, it is known that Kristina was married to Romaine Karan, and they have a daughter. However, it is not known if the two are still together as there is very limited information about him, and she has not shared anything about her family. She resides in California and has lived in various locations around the state, including San Mateo, Walnut Creek, Napa and Millbrae.

Sources also state that after the release of their father, the two started working on a business, a clothing brand called BG Apparel and Merchandise, which was going well for a while, and George even said that he was selling clothes as he couldn’t sell drugs anymore. However, things took a turn for the worse in 2017 when Kristina confirmed that their relationship had fizzled out, and the two are no longer in touch. The problems stem from the fact that she has a lot of trouble forgiving her father. According to a Facebook page that shares the same name as hers, she is a writer and poetess though it has not been confirmed if that account is hers or is of a different person with the same name.

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