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What is Paula Brancati’s Net Worth?

Paula Brancati is a Canadian actress who has a net worth of $500 thousand. Paula Brancati is known for her roles in such Canadian television series as “Degrassi: The Next Generation,” “Dark Oracle,” “Slasher,” and “Being Erica.” She has also appeared in some films, including “Cold Creek Manor,” “People Hold On,” and “From the Vine,” and has produced some of her films through her production company BrancSeater Productions. Additionally, Brancati has performed in theater, including in a Toronto production of “Matilda the Musical” in 2016.

Early Life and Education

Paula Brancati was born on June 6, 1989 in Thornhill, Ontario, Canada to music teacher Shelley and jazz pianist Tony. For her education, she attended the Regional Arts Program at St. Elizabeth Catholic High School and studied with the Toronto-based CharActors Theatre Troupe.

Television Career

Brancati first appeared on television in the Canadian children’s series “Ricky’s Room” in 1999. Her next appearance was in the teen dramedy series “Radio Free Roscoe” in 2003. Brancati had her career breakthrough the following year when she appeared in episodes of “Doc,” “Veritas: The Quest,” and “Kevin Hill,” and began playing the main character Cally Stone on the teen fantasy series “Dark Oracle.” For “Dark Oracle,” which ran until 2006, Brancati earned a Gemini Award nomination for Best Performance in a Children’s or Youth Program or Series. Her other credits around this time included the series “The Blobheads” and the television films “Painkiller Jane,” “Cow Belles,” and “Jump In!” Brancati landed her next main role in 2007 when she joined the cast of the teen drama series “Degrassi: The Next Generation,” then in its seventh season. She played the character Jane Vaughn through season nine in 2010, and earned her second Gemini Award nomination. Meanwhile, Brancati appeared on some other shows, including “Heartland” and “Life with Derek.” From 2009 to 2011, she played Jenny Zalen in the CBC series “Being Erica,” and in the latter year appeared in the ABC Family television film “Desperately Seeking Santa.”

(Photo by Jim Ross/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

In the early 2010s, Brancati had guest roles on such shows as “Call Me Fitz,” “Flashpoint,” and “Murdoch Mysteries.” In 2014, she appeared in the Hallmark Channel movie “The Good Witch’s Wonder,” the seventh and final film in the “Good Witch” film series. Brancati next made a guest appearance in the first season of the horror anthology series “Slasher,” called “The Executioner.” She went on to have different main roles in each of the subsequent seasons, which were “Guilty Party” (2017), “Solstice” (2019), “Flesh & Blood” (2021), and “Ripper” (2023). While on “Slasher,” Brancati appeared in episodes of various other shows, including “Hudson & Rex,” “Frankie Drake Mysteries,” “Workin’ Moms,” “Diggstown,” and “In the Dark.” She was also in the television films “Grounded for Christmas” (2019) and “Death She Wrote” (2022), and for the latter title received a Canadian Screen Award nomination for Best Lead Actress in a Television Film or Miniseries.

Film Career

Brancati made her big-screen debut in 2003 with a small part in Mike Figgis’s thriller “Cold Creek Manor.” Her next role wasn’t until 2011 in the film “Moon Point.” Two years after that, Brancati starred in the short film “Out.” In 2015, she starred in the drama “People Hold On,” which she co-produced with the film’s writer-director Michael Seater through their company BrancSeater Productions. Brancati was subsequently in three films in 2016, including the teen comedy “Sadie’s Last Days on Earth.” Her other credits include “Edging,” “Majic,” and “From the Vine,” the lattermost of which is based on the novel “Finding Marco” by Kenneth Canio Cancellara. Brancati stars opposite Joe Pantoliano and Wendy Crewson in the film.

Among her other appearances in the media, Brancati showed up in the music video for Canadian rapper Drake’s song “I’m Upset” in 2018. She appeared alongside several other former cast members of “Degrassi: The Next Generation” in the video, including Drake himself.

Brancati has also acted on stage, and has been nominated for two Dora Awards. In 2016, she played Miss Honey in a Toronto production of “Matilda the Musical.”

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