A brutal death from Joplin, when a house owner, Todd Greathouse, killed his tenant after she decided to reveal information of an affair with the homeowner’s wife, captures the attention of netizens these days.
The entire series of Oxygen’s true crime show, Truth Will Kill, will investigate the murder of Willana “Anita” Dunn, a 61-year-old Joplin resident.

When “Anita” Dunn mysteriously disappeared from her Joplin, Missouri, home, authorities suspected it was a missing case. Nevertheless, the situation was rapidly thrown into question when her body was discovered in the dark recesses of a neglected small cave. ‘Murder In The Heartland: Truth Will Kill,’ an Investigation Exploration documentary, retells the despicable crime and reveals the subsequent police investigation narrowed in on the offender.

What happened to Anita Dunn? (Wiki, Age, Biography)

Anita Dunn was an energetic woman who lived in the Missouri city of Joplin. Neighbors praised Anita’s selflessness, despite that she lived by herself and the fact that she lived by herself and she had a job at a bank branch. Per the tv series, Anita is still missing.

Todd Greathouse and his wife, who was Anita’s homeowner, went Linda to the police on May 30, 2016, to report Anita’s absence. Intriguingly, Todd stated that she had been missing for weeks.
He was genuinely concerned that the occurrence was related to a botched robbery. In reality, after the police conducted a comprehensive search of Anita’s residence, Todd highlighted a serious harm mark on a hallway and declared that the house had been cracked into. The police, nevertheless, were not convinced by Todd’s theory because there were no signs of breaking and entering.

Regarding the latency from her mobile, authorities arrived at a neglected mineshaft stuffed with raw sewage. Authorities decided to retrieve her body, diminished an infrared camera, and discovered female beings dragged down by certain rocks. Swimmers swung into the water immediately, and the dead body was recovered. Todd was taken into custody in March 2016 for drug offenses.

Regrettably, authorities got a phone call from a regional chancellor asserting that Todd had confided.
Todd was charged with first-degree murder after there was plenty of proof to demonstrate his arrest.

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