Who Is Barney Storey? Everything To Know About The British Cyclist And The Husband Of Sarah Storey

The wife of Barney Storey, Sarah Storey is officially the first one to earn a gold medal for Britain. Get to know the athlete and her notorious husband below

Barney Storey is a British cyclist. Lately, he rides in the tournaments as a sighted pilot for visually impaired cyclists.

Sarah Storey earned the 15th medal today even at such a mature age. She earned the first medal for Britain at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics in Women’s Individual Pursuit Class C5 Track Cycling.

The second to win was Crystal Lane-Wright also from Britain. More gold medals are expected to follow as the competition just started. It will run until 5th July.

Barney, Sarah’s husband is also a holder of 3 gold medals and 1 silver at the Paralympics. Unfortunately, he did not participate this year.

Barney Storey Age And Disability

Barne Storey is 44 years in age. Born on 13th March, he is a year elder than his wife Sarah.

He was born and raised in Britain. At the age of 4, he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Due to his disability, he was bound to take insulin shots from an early point of his age.

But, he did not let the disability factor get into his enthusiasm for sports. Even at a young age, he would try to be as athletic as possible. As a physically impaired man himself, he vouched to team up with other impaired athletes.

Starting at the age of 27, he started participating in the Paralympics.

Barney Storey Wife And Daughter

Barney Storey is also known for his wife, Sarah Storey. The reputed couple is known throughout the country for their achievements.

Barney married his wife in 2007. 6 years later, their daughter Lousie was born. Four years after, in 2017, Charlie, the youngest was born. There is a medical debate if Type 1 Diabetes is hereditary. Fortunately, both the daughter and the son were born healthy. 

The Storey family lives in Disley, Cheshire, a small village in England.

Barney and his wife, both are recipients of Member of the Order of the British Empire. Sarah was honoured with the medal in 1998 and Barney was awarded in 2009.

Barney Storey Wikipedia

Barney Storey, the sighted pilot cyclist earned himself a Wikipedia page for his achievements.

The cyclist took off with his career from the 2008 Paralympics. Piloting for Kappes, the team won a medal for Sprint (B&VI 1–3) and a 1 km time trial (B&VI 1–3). He also won gold in the 2012 Paralympics for the latter one.

Storey also won 4 gold medals in the World Disability Championships.

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