Who Is Nicola Careem? Everything To Know About The BBC South Asia Bureaux Chief

Nicola Careem is The BBC South Asia bureaux chief who currently resides in New Delhi, India. Learn everything about Nicola in the article below.

Nicola Careem recently tweeted about the Taliban invasion of Afghanistan.

She has constantly been tweeting about the problems faced by the Afghani citizens after the takeover.

Nicola also tweeted about the speech given by US president Joe Biden regarding the current situation of Afghanistan.

President Joe Biden blamed the Afghan politicians and security forces for losing the war against the Taliban.

But Nicola wrote that the president failed to address the action played by the USA, which led to the downfall of Afghanistan.

BBC: Who Is Nicola Careem Married To?

The marriage details of Nicola Careem of BBC South Asia are currently unknown.

According to her Twitter handle, She currently resides in New Delhi, India. But her place of birth seems to be unrevealed. 

Nicola Careem shares problems faced by the citizens from different parts of the southeast Asian countries. 

She seems to be a very secret Bureaux Chief as she has not even shared her photographs on Social media sites.

Nicola Careem Age and Wikipedia

As of today, the age of Nicola Careem and her Wikipedia page is not available.

Talking about her professional life, Nicola Careem is currently the BBC South Asia bureaux chief.

She reports news of south Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. 

Nicola seems to be a fearless journalist as she is not afraid to point out any individuals or organizations. 

She is always willing to cross any limits to present the truth to the country’s ordinary citizens.

Nicola Careem Twitter Explored

Nicola Careem is active on Twitter as @NicolaCareem.

She has over 38k followers on Twitter. Nicola joined Twitter in February 2011.

Since then, she has been broadcasting the news to people from all over the world.

Apart from Twitter, Nicola is not active on any other social media platforms. 

And her personal details are entirely anonymous to the outside world.

Net Worth of Nicola Careem

The exact net worth of Nicola Careem is currently undisclosed.

But according to BBC, their senior staff earns around £150,000 or more.  

That means the net worth of Nicola Careem could probably be more than $1 million. 

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