Selling shade! Viewers have been heavily invested in the lives of Selling Sunset’s star realtors since the Netflix series debuted in 2019.

From the cast’s love lives to their office drama, fans have weighed in on it all. However, some social media users have taken things a step too far — and the stars haven’t held back in their responses.

After season 4 of Selling Sunset premiered in November 2021, Christine Quinn was quickly accused of lying about her pregnancy due to how active she appeared to be shortly after her son’s harrowing May 2021 delivery.

At the time, Quinn reposted one message from an Instagram user who asked, “Why did you fake your pregnancy? It’s totally OK to admit to having a surrogate but don’t set unrealistic expectations for PP moms when you didn’t even carry the baby yourself. It’s deceitful and a shame.”

The How to be a Boss Bitch author swiftly shut down the accusations, tweeting in November 2021, “For all yall still mad on pregnancy gate please go look at my ig stories. And apologize. This is seriously so hurtful.”

Another fan showed support for Quinn, writing, “You can post a picture of giving birth and these conspiracy people still won’t believe you. Kinda sick,” to which she answered, “[Haha] so true babe.”

The Texas native previously admitted that she wasn’t in a rush to expand her family after welcoming son Christian with her husband, Christian Richard.

“It’s something that we definitely have been talking about, but my birth was so, so traumatic,” Quinn exclusively told Us Weekly in June 2021, one month after her baby’s arrival. “Normally, right away I’d be like, ‘Yeah, let’s go,’ but it’s left me a little hesitant. I really, really want to know I’m healed, and the time is right before we’re thinking about it. But it would be nice.”

Quinn noted that she was trying not to put “any pressure” on herself after undergoing an emergency C-section.

“Whatever my body went through and what women deal with when they have babies is really crazy. I think your body will never really be the same. My body and my hormones will never be the same, but that’s something I really embraced and I’m kind of rolling with it,” she told Us at the time. “I was just like, ‘I don’t care what anyone thinks of me. I might look ridiculous and swollen, but I don’t care. I had a baby. That’s powerful enough!”

When season 4 hit Netflix, viewers watched Quinn outline her traumatic birth story to costars Vanessa Villela and Amanza Smith.

“He was coming out sideways, and his umbilical cord was wrapped around him,” Quinn said during a November 2021 episode. “They said his heart rate’s going down. All I hear is, ‘Emergency C-section. Let’s go, let’s go!’ [Christian] was absolutely freaking out. … My heart rate was going down, the baby’s heart rate was going down, and then one of the nurses went up to Christian and said, ‘You need to make a priority right now. You have to choose one.’ He was like, ‘Both.’”

As her journey to motherhood played out on reality TV, Quinn revealed how hard it was to film while going through some major personal changes.

“I was pregnant on top of dealing with postpartum depression. This season was really difficult for me,” she said during an interview with Entertainment Tonight in December 2021. “I did the best that I could with the emotions that I was dealing with at the time and that I’m still dealing with now. The problem that I was facing [was] everyone was saying, ‘Oh, well, you know, she’s so thin. She’s so this. She’s so that.’ But inside I was dealing with PTSD.”

Scroll down to see all the times the Selling Sunset crew set the record straight:


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