Gwen Stefani, renowned for her singing and songwriting, has sparked a lively debate among fans with her latest Instagram video. In a surprising twist to her usual content, the video showcases her gardening skills and her very long, manicured nails, drawing mixed reactions from her followers.


Beyond her musical talents, Gwen Stefani has revealed a different side to her fans. In an Instagram video, she is seen planting peonies in her garden, humorously noting that since these flowers take ten years to mature, she might catch up with her fans then. Yet, it wasn’t the flowers that caught the viewers’ attention.


The focus quickly shifted to Stefani’s nails. Fans were amazed and perplexed by how she managed gardening tasks with such length. One fan exclaimed, “How in the world do you garden with nails that long?” while another marveled at the immense talent it must take.


This detail sparked diverse opinions, with some fans expressing admiration and others suggesting a more practical approach to her nail length.

Reflecting on her personal life, the “The Voice” judge shared that a love for gardening runs in the family. She reminisced about finding her parents engaged in gardening during childhood walks home from school. Stefani, who never envisioned herself as an avid gardener, now boasts a significant plant collection nurtured by her husband, Blake Shelton.

The article also highlights Stefani’s flair for nail art, a recurring theme in her social media presence. She often shares photos of her manicures on Instagram, each set of nails eliciting strong reactions from her fans. Her penchant for matching nail designs with celebrities like Reba McEntire further showcases her unique style and personality.


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