As sure as Art the Clown stalks his prey throughout the new movie release Terrifier 2, success and praise has been gathering for writer/director Damian Leone’s sequel. Previously, we saw Stephen King hailing the film as “grossin’ you out old school.” Now, horror icon/King adaptor Mike Flanagan has joined the fans in support of the movie, coining a fun new subgenre in the process.

Prepare for the era of “The MegaSlasher,” as Terrifier 2 inspired Flanagan to take to Twitter with quite a bit of praise for how and what this follow-up to Terrifier has done. The full message, complete with praise for leading lady/final girl Lauren LaVera, is included below: 

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Mike Flanagan, the man known for breaking hearts while scaring the hell out of his audience with movies like the underrated Doctor Sleep, and shows such as The Midnight Club, is a Terrifier 2 fan. Take a moment to let that awesome truth sink in, because it’s pretty spectacular. Creating the genre of the MegaSlasher is definitely a big help too, as the extreme physical reactions to the gore involved isn’t exactly the textbook product of your typical horror offering.

Everything’s coming up Art the Clown with Terrifier 2, as the buzz for the film is only outdone by its box office success. What began as a $250,000 Kickstarter project has now become an unrated indie theatrical hit, raking in almost $8 million with a month long run. Chalk up another aspect of this entire enterprise that screams “mega.” 

The future of the Terrifier saga is still developing, as the second installment is very much enjoying its moment in the sun. Whatever lies ahead, the next chapter just might be an even larger success, inspiring other creators to try and top Damian Leone’s best and goriest efforts. Long live the MegaSlasher, and the support of horror geniuses like Mike Flanagan boosting it up for potential success down the line.

Terrifier 2 is currently showing in theaters, as well as streaming exclusively on ScreamBox. If you’ve somehow avoided the craze, and are curious about what to expect, there’s some things you should know about the Terrifier sequel before diving in. 

Not to mention, our official review can help fill in some of the spoiler-free questions you might be asking when deciding if this movie is right for you. Unless you love extremely disturbing surprises that involve lots and lots of blood, in which case happy hunting.

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