Viewers already know Tom Cruise set the tone on the Top Gun: Maverick set. Countless co-stars have spoken about him setting the bar going back to their pre-production training, but any Cruise fans know his commitment to film comes from his love of the medium. His Maverick co-star Miles Teller could vouch for this consensus. Teller spoke about Cruise’s love for moviemaking while delivering on the Top Gun: Maverick set.

Of course, the Top Gun: Maverick actor can recall his experience with Tom Cruise fondly now considering he almost turned down the role of Rooster. Cruise’s love for film comes through the endless number of stunts he does. While fans get a peek from time to time, Miles Teller got to see the Top Gun star’s enthusiasm for movies firsthand. Teller spilled on the Dan Fogler’s 4D Xperience podcast what it was like to watch the Hollywood icon in real-time:

I’ve never been a part of a big movie like that really, and it’s just I say when you have Jerry Bruckheimer and you have Tom Cruise and you also throw in like Christopher McQuarrie and Joe Kosinski and so many different people on that, the quality control is there and Tom is, he’s spending so much time –he spends so much time before you ever show up. I mean years and years of fucking carving this thing and then reshooting stuff if it’s not great. It’s just wonderful to be a part of something like that because he’s doing so much heavy lifting and he’s literally just nonstop and his attention to detail is just ridiculous. It will never be matched.

It seems like the Mission: Impossible star left an impression on the actor. Being in Hollywood for over four decades, the filmmaking process still seems to intrigue Cruise. But things shouldn’t be surprising considering the Oscar-nominated actor stars in and produces most of his projects. So he wants to make sure everything is perfect for moviegoers.

Teller echoed the sentiment of his co-stars’ favorite memories of collaborating with Tom Cruise. Watching Cruise prep before each scene and reshooting scenes until they were right made him realize how committed to filming the Vanilla Sky star is. In his words:

I don’t know if anybody will ever really love making movies as much as Tom fucking Cruise. And as audiences, we reap the benefits because he delivers.

As Miles Teller mentioned, Tom Cruise does deliver every time he’s onscreen no matter the genre. Viewers can tell he is fully involved and dedicated to the work they will see on the big screen. His enthusiasm filtered over to Teller and co. as he gave some sage advice about the pressure to perform. The 60-year-old actor believed the pressure from filmmaking is a privilege, and that appeared to show up in his actions on set.

Top Gun: Maverick is set to arrive on DVD and Blu-ray on November 1 after having slugged it out in movie theaters for months. Doing so made the sequel 2022’s highest-grossing film. It is currently unknown when the blockbuster film will hit streaming, but make sure to get a Paramount+ subscription for when it finally arrives.

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