Charles Lee Hitzman was captured for killing a lady named “Patricia Parkin”. Patricia Parkin used to live with her folks and her little girl.She was b eaten by a man so gravely that she got killed. Patricia Parkin Family and Husband Details: Wikipedia

Patricia was born on 31 October 1966 A.D. in the United States of America. Patricia was a solitary kid mother who had a girl named “Melissa”. She was 29 years of age before her demise and used to live cheerfully.

Patricia’s dad’s name was John Parkin her mom’s name was Helen P. She additionally had a brother whose name was John H. As per the sources, the name of Patricia’s better half isn’t uncovered in the media.

Patricia was beaten so gravely by a man named “Charles Lee Hitzman” who quickly died. Patricia was 29 years of age when she died. After her demise, Charles left her in the snow with the goal that nobody would track down her.

At the point when John looked into the demise of Patricia he was stunned and uncovered that she was making a beeline for purchase a present for her little girl “Melissa” for Christmas.

As per the sources, the justification for her passing is as yet not uncovered. The single youngster mother Patricia died on December 5 1995 A.D. at 29 years old. Patricia was pounded into the ground by a man named “Charles Lee Hitzman”.

At the point when Patricia was 29 years of age Charles killed her by beating her so hard and left her dead body in the snow. Thus, that nobody would speculate him and track down her body. After police got Charles the court condemned him to 25 years of jail.

As indicated by the sources, there is no data on where Charles Lee Heitzman is presently. It is accepted that Charles had some encouraged with Patricia so he killed her. Despite the fact that, there is no data concerning for what reason did the homicide kill the single kid mother.

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