Who Is Julee-Anne Bell? Everything To Know About The Voice Australia Singer

The newest Voice singer that Australia has known is Julee-Anne Bell, the 48-year-old visually impaired singer. Let’s get to know the amazing singer who amazed the whole of Australia with her singing.

Julee-Anne Bell is a blind singing teacher who appeared in the blind audition and stole everyone’s heart just as the Monday evening show of The Voice Australia started off.

All four judges turned around within a minute of her singing and were standing on their feet for her while Julee’s husband was all in happy tears.

Guy Sebastien joined her on the stage to sing the song Climb Ev’ry Mountain and create a memorable duet. This was the very song that he sang, back in 2003, on the stage of Australian Idol.

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The Voice: Julee-Anne Bell Age

The Voice singer Julee-Anne Bell is 40 years old and is blind since birth.

For 28 years now, she has been an amazing singing teacher to her hundred of her students for 28 years now.

As her clip from the Voice episode was out on Youtube, many of her students appeared in the comment section talking about how great of a singer, teacher, and person Julee-Anne is.

Julee-Anne Bell Husband

Julee-Anne Bell has her heart on her husband Thomas Bell.

She met her husband when he first came to rescue her from her lonely and terrifying phase after she was left alone by her then-boyfriend in college.

Lending her his arms as she walked in his support, the two found love in each other’s arms.

Today, she is a mother of two sons, Daniel and Joshua from her husband.

Coming to this day, Julee-Anne’s biggest supporter Thomas has been quite ill in recent years with multiple sclerosis, and the two have exchanged roles as she has started taking care of him.

Julee-Anne Bell Family & Parents

Julee-Anne Bell lives in South Burnett, Australia, with her family of four.

As a child, she discovered singing as her favorite thing to do when she was five and her dad had to carry her off the stage at her school when she couldn’t let go of the mic.

She completely relied on singing when her parents’ home in Queensland flooded away in 2011.

Previously relied on her family and parents, it was unthinkable for Julee to dare travel to California all alone and go for a hike which she has now accomplished.

Julee-Anne Bell Wiki Details

Yet to make it on sites like Wikipedia, Julee-Anne Bell is suddenly earning fame from all around shifting people’s focus from her disability to her talent.

Today, she is the administrative manager for World Action for The Blinds.

Also a fan of Guy Sebastien, Julee-Anne chose to go with the coach among the four of them.

Other than her singing, what caught attention was her subtle humor where she gave the judges the hint on not being able to see anything in a funny manner.

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