John Cena is looking ahead at retirement, and fans may be surprised to learn that it may not be too far away.

The professional wrestler and actor confirmed to Entertainment Tonight on Tuesday that he plans to retire from WWE wrestling in the next few years. He made his WWE debut 22 years ago in 2002. 

“That’s not a maybe,” said Cena, who turns 47 years old this year. “That time is gonna come and it’s gonna come soon.”

The Argylle actor explained that he “never wanted to go out there [in the ring] just for the sake of going out there,” especially because the fans are so passionate, which is something he values.

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“I’m gonna be 47 this year. I feel great. So inside I feel great, but I know what it takes to be a WWE performer night in and night out and I don’t ever wanna just go out there and do it to do it,” he said. “I wanna have the passion — the same passion as the fanbase — and I wanna give them exactly what they give me.”

Cena said he feels like his personal “speedometer” is telling him that he has to be done before he turns 50 years old. He has also started to realize that when he returns to WWE for short periods in between other projects, such as filming Argylle, “it takes its toll more and more” on his body.

But fans can still expect to see Cena in the ring occasionally following retirement, as he still plans to make appearances here and there.

“I’ve had at least one match every year in WWE for the past 23 years,” Cena added. “I’ve never missed a year, and as long as I can perform, I don’t intend to miss a year.”

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