Streaming TV Ratings, April 1-7, 2024

The doctors were in at the top of Nielsen’s streaming ratings for the beginning of April.

Medical dramas The Resident and Grey’s Anatomy were the top two titles for the week of April 1-7, finishing with 1.18 billion and 1.15 billion minutes of viewing time (both stream on Hulu and Netflix). The Resident actually slipped a little from the previous week‘s 1.48 billion minutes, which was good for second overall, but the show that had been ahead of it — Netflix’s 3 Body Problem — fell further. The sci-fi series dropped by about 47 percent to a still solid 937 million minutes of viewing.

Disney’s animated movie Wish had its streaming premiere on April 3 and racked up 1.02 billion minutes of watch time over its first five days on Disney+. It’s the first film on Disney+ to crack the billion-minute mark since Elemental did so in September 2023. Bluey (1.08 billion minutes) also crossed the 1 billion threshold for Disney+.

Netflix’s docuseries Files of the Unexplained made its chart debut with 683 million minutes of viewing, making it the top original series premiere for the week. The critically hailed Ripley racked up 510 million minutes of viewing in its first four days. In the acquired series top 10, Bob’s Burgers (663 million minutes), 911 (646 million) and The Rookie (630 million) all made their first appearances following a change to Nielsen’s Streaming Content Ratings (which are the basis for the top 10 rankings) that resulted in more programs being tracked. They were previously excluded due to what Nielsen called “business agreements which preceded the rankings” and some technical issues.

Nielsen’s streaming ratings cover viewing on TV sets only and don’t include minutes watched on computers or mobile devices. The ratings only measure U.S. audiences, not those in other countries. The top streaming titles for April 1-7, 2024, are below.


1. The Resident (Hulu/Netflix), 1.18 billion minutes viewed
2. Grey’s Anatomy (Hulu/Netflix), 1.15 billion
3. Bluey (Disney+), 1.08 billion
4. Wish (Disney+), 1.02 billion
5. 3 Body Problem (Netflix), 937 million
6. Family Guy (Hulu), 893 million
7. NCIS (Netflix/Paramount+), 870 million
8. Vikings (Netflix), 869 million
9. The Little Things (Max/Netflix), 816 million
10. Files of the Unexplained (Netflix), 683 million

Original Series

1. 3 Body Problem, 937 million minutes
2. Files of the Unexplained, 683 million
3. Is It Cake? (Netflix), 669 million
4. Ripley (Netflix), 510 million
5. The Gentlemen (Netflix), 495 million
6. Shogun (Hulu), 434 million
7. Physical: 100 Underground (Netflix), 403 million
8. Testament: The Story of Moses (Netflix), 336 million
9. Parasyte: The Grey (Netflix), 318 million
10. The Magic Prank Show (Netflix), 274 million

Acquired Series

1. The Resident, 1.18 billion minutes
2. Grey’s Anatomy, 1.15 billion
3. Bluey, 1.08 billion
4. Family Guy, 893 million
5. NCIS, 870 million
6. Vikings, 869 million
7. Bob’s Burgers (Hulu), 663 million
8. 911 (Hulu), 646 million
9. Law & Order: SVU (Hulu/Peacock), 636 million
10. The Rookie (Hulu), 630 million


1. Wish, 1.02 billion minutes
2. The Little Things, 816 million
3. Road House (2024) (Prime Video), 402 million
4. Glass (Netflix), 399 million
5. Baby Driver (Netflix), 355 million
6. Mortal Engines (Netflix), 316 million
7. Moana (Disney+), 306 million
7 (tie). Space Jam: A New Legacy (Max/Netflix), 306 million
9. The Super Mario Bros. Movie (Netflix), 302 million
10. The Wages of Fear (2024) (Netflix), 298 million

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