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Who is Larry Millete ?

The husband of Maya ‘May’ Millete, a missing mother of three, searched the Internet for the date rape drug Rohypnol and a ‘plant you drink to never wake up’ in the months leading up to his wife’s disappearance, according to his order. of arrest.

Larry Millete was arrested for murder and possession of an illegal weapon at the family home in Chula Vista, California on Tuesday morning, though the body of his wife has yet to be found.


An arrest warrant details the lengths Larry did to save her marriage and keep Maya by her side, including requesting hexes that would incapacitate her and prevent her from filing for divorce, which she planned to do.

Larry searched for ‘plant you take to never wake up’ in March 2020, 10 months before Maya was last seen alive on January 7, according to a warrant obtained by The Sun.

In November, he searched for ‘water hemlock’, a highly poisonous plant that affects the central nervous system and can cause seizures, kidney and respiratory failure or death depending on the dose.wikipedia


“As their relationship declined, Maya was not interested in a physical relationship with Larry,” Chula Vista detective Jesse Vicente wrote in the warrant.

‘In December 2020, Larry ran a search titled:’ my wife doesn’t want me to touch her ‘and then searched for’ Flunitrazepan, Rohypnol and Diphenhydramine ‘.

Flunitrazepan is the generic name for the drug Rohypnol, a benzodiazepine used to treat severe insomnia and known for its use in dating rape crimes. Diphenhydramine is the name of Benadryl, an anti-allergy drug known for its drowsy qualities.

Just before 1:30 a.m. on January 8, Maya’s phone activity suddenly stopped and her husband sent his latest email to a wizard he had been texting to help him convince her wife of to stay with him.

Her three children are safe, but May’s body has never been found.

On Tuesday afternoon, District Attorney Summer Stephan said Larry had tried to curse his wife when the relationship deteriorated and she started talking about wanting a divorce.

Stephan also revealed that the last call Maya made before she disappeared on January 7 had been to a divorce attorney.

“The extensive search warrants revealed a trail of things that were happening that were of great concern,” Stephan said at a news conference in front of the Chula Vista Police Department.

Larry was trying to keep May.

He resorted to contacting spellcasters, who would be asked to make May stay in the relationship.

“In December he asked that May be disabled, have an accident and break her bones so he could stay home.”


During the Jan. 7 call, May spoke with a divorce attorney and set a date for a Jan. 12 appointment, Stephan said.

The last message May sent was at 8:15 pm on January 7, when she used Facebook Messenger to contact her family.

A few hours earlier, on the afternoon of January 7, Larry had sent a text message saying, “I think he wants me to break it down and I’m shaking inside ready to do it.”

May’s phone activity stopped at 1:25 a.m. on January 8.

“Larry’s messages to the sorcerer went from wanting to keep May to wanting to punish a man he blamed for the failed relationship,” Stephan said.

Larry has been charged with one count of murder, on or about January 7, and one count of possession of an illegal weapon.

Larry was a known gun fanatic, who had been ordered to hand over his guns.

“He hadn’t turned in one of those guns, a .40 caliber pistol, and he’s still pending today,” Stephan said.

Larry’s arrest warrant details his frequent communications with companies that sell spells.

‘These companies claim to be psychics, spirit channelers, or white light practitioners capable of’ energy work ‘who sell spells that can be cast to improve a person’s love life, eliminate debt, or make a romantic partner stay faithful,’ the order says. .

On December 31, 2020, a week before Maya’s disappearance on January 7, he wrote to a spellcaster: ‘Can you cast a spell so that it hurts enough that it has to depend on me or need my help?

‘She is only nice to me when she needs me or she is sick. Thanks again. Maybe an accident or a broken bone.

Detective Vicente noted that by January 4, the couple had reached “boiling point.”

Maya was determined to leave her husband, who displayed a ‘frantic’, ‘desperate’ and ‘unbalanced’ mentality, with ‘murderous ideas’, according to the order obtained by The Sun.

He coincidentally stopped asking for curses against his wife on January 9.


May, 39, was last seen alive at her family’s Chula Vista home on January 7.

In late July, after searching Millete’s home on three separate occasions, the police named Larry as a person of interest in the disappearance of his wife.

According to the police department press release, investigators have interviewed 87 people, written 67 search warrants, and followed up on more than 130 leads about Maya’s possible location or the reason for her disappearance.

Stephan said neighbors heard nine loud knocks coming from Millete’s home at 9:57 p.m. on the night of January 7.

Camera Footage

The FBI looked at the surveillance camera footage from the neighbors’ home, but could not confirm that the loud noise was gunshots.

At 10:34 p.m. that night, neighbors heard Millete’s children playing in the backyard, something they thought was unusual due to the time of night.

Larry was seen at 5:58 a.m. the next morning, January 8, moving his black 2015 Lexus GX 460.

“The Lexus was already backed into the driveway,” Stephan said.

“ He relocated the Lexus so that the rear end was in the driveway and no video camera could capture whether a body was placed in the rear of the Lexus or not. ”

Stephan said Larry took his four-year-old son from the house, but left the two oldest inside.

He left the house at 6:45 a.m. and did not return for 11 hours and 21 minutes, Stephan said.

Larry told investigators that he had gone to Solana Beach, a coastal town 35 miles north of the family home.

When asked to point out where he and the four-year-old had been, he showed them Torrey Pines Beach, four miles from Solana Beach.

Larry left the phone at home and, while he was out of it, his boss would call him and ask him why he was not at work. Larry’s father also texted him, saying that his boss was looking for him.

The 2015 vehicle’s GPS was not the most modern, so researchers were unable to track its movements. They did notice that he changed addresses to his home address in Chula Vista when he was two and a half hours from his home, at 3:29 pm.

Stephan said that the long period of time was the reason they asked people everywhere if they had seen the car.

“The radius can be very vast and large,” he said.

“ Someone may think: I saw a Lexus go off the road on January 8, 2021. ”

Larry got home around 6 p.m. on January 8.

Thirty minutes later, May’s brother went home.

“He was worried because he didn’t know about her,” Stephan said.

He went to his room, he knocked on the door, no answer.

‘Larry first told the brother that he was at work and he didn’t know what May was doing.

He then he changed the story and said that he went to the beach with the four year old boy.

May’s sister, Maricris, called the police.

When police searched Millete’s residence in January 2021 in connection with Maya’s disappearance, Larry was said to have told officers that he knew they were going to look for his weapons and gave several firearms to the friends. of the.

He then he refused to name those who were in possession of his weapons.

In July, police issued Larry a weapons restraining order after officers discovered a photo on his phone that showed ’16 firearms, four U.S. passports, several high-capacity magazines and hundreds of rounds of ammunition in his power, ‘according to the documents.

The restraining order stated that authorities were concerned that Larry “might flee the state or country with his three minor children or … shoot police due to photographs showing multiple illegal or unregistered assault rifles.”

Larry and May share three children together, ages 4, 10, and 11.

Another photo, also allegedly found on Larry’s phone, showed the couple’s four-year-old son standing at a kitchen table surrounded by guns.

Officials claimed that Larry possessed a total of 22 guns, of which only eight were legally registered in his name.

When the restraining order was issued, the police had recovered only two semi-automatic weapons belonging to Larry.

Larry Millete Quick and Facts

  • Larry was arrested at the family home in Chula Vista, California on Tuesday
  • His wife May was last seen alive on January 7 after calling a divorce lawyer
  • Larry searched the internet for the date rape drug Rohypnol and a poisonous plant in the months before her disappearance
  • He had also contacted ‘spell’ companies to put a hex on her and incapacitate her
  • On the day of her disappearance, May had written on Facebook asking for advice about a divorce lawyer, and her final call was to make an appointment   
  • Larry Millete was named a person of interest in May’s disappearance in July 
  • Her body has never been found; police say it could be hundreds of miles away  
  • Larry could face the death penalty if convicted, the DA said

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