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A New York City man has been charged with the unsolved murder of an 81-year-old World War I veteran who disappeared more than four decades ago and whose dismembered remains were found in 2019.

A grand jury indicted Martin Motta, 74, of Queens on Wednesday for the death of George Clarence Seitz in December 1976, who disappeared on his way to the barbershop.

Seitz’s partial remains, a pelvis and torso, were found buried inside a plastic bag under concrete in a Richmond Hill backyard in March 2019.


Although the cause of his death has not been revealed, authorities say his body had been dismembered at the neck, shoulders and hips.

After a more than two-year investigation using a full genealogical profile, witness interviews and record searches spanning five states, police found “crucial evidence” linking Motta to Seitz’s death.wikipedia

‘Here again, this case shows that no matter how much time passes, our police officers and partners in the Queens District Attorney’s Office carry out a sustained commitment, over decades, to establish justice for crime victims. and their families in New York City. ‘

Authorities have not specified how Seitz was killed and the indictment against Motta does not indicate a cause of death.

Martin Motta Charged

Motta was charged with second degree murder and ordered to be held without bail. If he is convicted, he faces up to 25 years in life in prison. He is expected to return to court on Friday.

A New York City man has been charged with the unsolved murder of an 81-year-old World War I veteran who disappeared more than four decades ago and whose dismembered remains were found in 2019.


“After 45 years, the alleged killer of a World War I veteran is being held accountable and brought to justice,” District Attorney Katz said in a statement. ‘We hope that the identification of the remains and the prosecution in this case will begin to bring peace and closure to his loved ones.

“This indictment serves as an example of how police and prosecutors work together to bring people who are alleged to have committed crimes to justice, regardless of how much time passes or how many obstacles stand in our way.”


Seitz, 81, was last seen leaving his home in Jamaica at 10 am on December 10, 1976. He was reportedly taken to an area barbershop to get a haircut.

His whereabouts remained unknown until 2019 when his torso and pelvis were discovered.

At the time, the coroner compared DNA samples from the remains with local, state and national databases, but did not return any results.

In February 2021, almost two years later, a private laboratory was recruited to use the DNA evidence and develop a genealogical profile of the victim.

The FBI, the Queens District Attorney and the New York Police Department used that profile to find potential relatives of the victim.

Officials contacted potential family members, obtained DNA samples for comparison, and ultimately identified the discovered remains as belonging to Seitz.

“Officers from the NYPD Detective Bureau, their Cases Solved and Homicide squads, and their highly trained forensic units, never forget and never give up,” said Police Commissioner Shea.

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Martin Motta Quick and Facts

  • After 43 years, a Queens man has been charged in the cold-case murder of World War I veteran George Clarence Seitz
  • Seitz went missing on December 10, 1976, on his way to get a haircut
  • His whereabouts remained unknown until partial skeletal remains were found in March 2019 buried inside a plastic bag in a Richmond Hill backyard 
  • Investigators used DNA evidence and a comprehensive genealogical profile to identify the remains as Seitz
  • While the cause of death has not been revealed, authorities say Seitz’s body had been dismembered at the neck, shoulders and hips
  • Investigators say they uncovered ‘crucial evidence’ earlier this year connecting Martin Motta, 74, of Queens, to the case
  • He was indicted on second-degree murder charges Wednesday and ordered held without bail
  • Motta is expected in court again Friday 

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