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Who is Rowan Nash Lascelles ?

The Westminster police and council failed in an attempt to ban the 65th from the district’s throne line after years of violence, threats, criminal damage and racist behavior.

Rowan Nash Lascelles, 43, would simply ignore the proposed Criminal Behavior Order and take his crime to other neighborhoods, Deputy District Judge Olwen Davies ruled.

Lascelles, who is the son of The Hon. James Lascelles, the Queen’s first cousin once deposed, fled the City of London Magistrates Court minutes before the hearing and an arrest warrant was issued.wikipedia

He is addicted to the powerful synthetic marijuana ‘Spice’ and mixes with users and merchants who congregate in Westminster, particularly around The Strand, the court was told.

George VI’s great-great-grandson has multiple convictions for racially aggravated criminal offenses and was once expelled from Sainsbury’s on The Strand for telling staff, ‘Go back to where you came from.’ I’m going to kick you out of the country. You’re not english.

Scotland Yard had backed the request to ban it, and one officer, PC Zak Ali, told the judge that Lascelles was a “burden on the Metropolitan Police.”

And Westminster coordinator George Bossman said Lascelles “had always ended up losing his accommodation due to his inappropriate behavior and has now exhausted all of his options.”

Mr Bossman said: “It costs a lot of money to put it in a hotel, but there was constant antisocial behavior and criminal damage. There have been terrifying aggressive outbursts and racist behavior and he has engaged in illicit substance use and purchased them in Westminster. ”

Rowan Nash Lascelles Age ?

He is 43 year old.


The court heard that his father, H.E. James Lascelles has provided you with hotel accommodation in Victoria.

Judge Davies called him “clearly a persistent criminal, leaving misery in his wake.”

In rejecting the request for the Criminal Conduct Order, Judge Davies ruled: ‘An order will not deter him because of his ingrained criminality of him.

‘He cannot or does not want to change and ignores the criminal law.


‘An order excluding him from Westminster would simply be ignored. If you do not obey the law, you will not obey a Criminal Conduct Order and will simply offend in other London boroughs and transfer your misery to Camden or Wandsworth.

“I doubt that Mr. Lascelles considers his behavior and it appears to be spontaneous, possibly associated with ADHD.”

Bossman had told the court that Lascelles “is associated with people who sleep poorly, resulting in fights and that he has caused a series of incidents at the drug and alcohol treatment center on Wardour Street, Soho.”Rowan Nash Lascelles is the son of The Hon. James Lascelles, the Queen’s first cousin in retirement.

He continued: “We have tried everything in the book to contain his behavior, with mental health and drug and alcohol teams trying to help him.”

“If this behavior continues at Westminster, there could be a death,” Bossman added.

They told the court that the only rest Westminster gets from Lascelles is his occasional trips to France, where he works on his parents’ “very, very large farm.”

The request for the criminal behavior order was supported by Westminster Antisocial Behavior Officer Anna Hows.

Ms. Hows told the court: ‘There is a history that Mr. Lascelles returned to places that he once became involved with and caused harassment, alarm and distress to people, residents and businesses.

He says that he is not happy with the support they have offered him regarding the house and that moving the municipality would give him a fresh start.

“Westminster is the center of the hard sleep and the use of spices and the best thing for him is to be taken out of the district and the respite of the community.”

And PC Zak Ali told the court: ‘It’s a pretty long story when it comes to his offensive pattern. We are seeking an order on behalf of the businesses and residents of Westminster to offer respite to this person, who has convictions for antisocial acts and criminal damages. ‘

The officer said Aug. 10 that police were called into a fight outside the Prezzo Italian restaurant in the West End, adding: “ One of the individuals was Mr. Lascelles and he threw a bar stool, causing significant injuries. and was arrested for serious bodily injury.


That’s just one. There are others and he would commit a series of crimes on the same day and he would be arrested several times in a week.

“It is a burden for the Metropolitan Police and many violent incidents are not reported to the police, in particular from the extension services and the city council.

“He is a spice addict and Westminster is the epicenter of the spice trade. This order would legally prevent him from doing that. ‘

However, Judge Davies ruled that the application could not be used as an additional punishment and would not control Lascelles.

He said: ‘My reservation is that he will not prevent me from returning to Westminster. He will not be dissuaded.

Lascelles was also due to be sentenced for a felony misdemeanor after pleading guilty to smashing a door on April 27 at Look Ahead Housing & Care on Vauxhall Bridge Road, Victoria and this will be resolved when he is arrested.

Rowan Nash Lascelles Quick and Facts

  • Rowan Nash Lascelles, 43, is son of the Queen’s first cousin once removed
  • Scotland Yard had backed the application to ban Lascelles from Westminster
  • PC Zak Ali told the judge Lascelles was a ‘burden on the Metropolitan Police’
  • Lascelles is addicted to powerful synthetic marijuana ‘Spice’, court was told 
  • He was banned from a shop for telling staff: ‘Go back to where you come from’
  • Lascelles, 43, fled City of London Magistrates’ Court minutes before the hearing 

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