On Tuesday, Jill Duggar’s highly anticipated debut memoir finally hit stores.

As expected, the book is creating quite a stir thanks to revelations about Jill’s difficult upbringing and the abuse and neglect she endured at the hands of her parents.

To be clear, at no point does Jill accuse Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar of physically abusing their children.

But she confirms that the couple protected eldest son Josh Duggar after he molested four of his sisters, thus enabling him to commit additional sex crimes.

Jill Duggar breaks down here while recounting her interview with Megyn Kelly. (Amazon)

Jim Bob and Michelle have already fired back at Jill, claiming that their portrayal in the book is inaccurate and malicious.

Jill cut off contact with her folks back in 2019, and it seems she has no intention of publicly responding to their latest criticism.

Fortunately, she has more supporters than detractors, and one of her biggest fans came to her defense this week.

Amy Duggar appears in the recent Amazon documentary series Shiny Happy People. (Photo Credit: Amazon)

Amy Duggar has long been critical of Jim Bob’s bizarre belief system, and she’s one of the only Duggars who has publicly supported Jill.

On Tuesday, she posted an Instagram tribute to Jill in celebration of her cousin’s literary debut.

“May God bless the people who read your heart! You are going to help so many hurting people and that’s what it’s all about,” Amy captioned the photo below.

Amy Duggar posted this photo, in which she’s seen posing next to her cousin Jill, in September of 2023. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

“I understand being cautious to trust, we’ve talked about it and it’s still so difficult given what all we’ve been through, but through it all I’m so glad God has given us strength,” she continued.

“I’ve said it so many times and it’s still so true, I love how you and @derickdillard stand for truth! God goes before you both! Cheering you on all the way!”

Needless to say, Amy is 100 percent Team Jill.

Jill Duggar holds a cup of coffee while looking into the camera for this selfie. (Instagram)

And Jill is sure to benefit from the support an enforcer who’s not afraid of a fight.

Obviously, Jill deserves all the credit in the world for courageously telling her story and speaking out against the cult-like environment in which she was raised.

But now it’s time to defend the claims made in the book, and she might be a little too close to the situation to do so effectively.

Jill Duggar is preparing to publish her debut memoir. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

After all, this is her immediate family whom she’s making allegations against.

Jill might not be willing to say what needs to be said when they inevitably clap back at her claims.

But we’re sure Amy is more than willing to go toe-to-toe with her famous Uncle Jim Bob.

And since Amy has a book of her own coming out soon, she’s sure to benefit from the free publicity! It’s a win-win!

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