Earlier this month, the world heard that Zach and Tori Roloff are not returning to Little People, Big World.

This devastating news doesn’t have official confirmation from TLC just yet. But it comes from an extended family members, speaking publicly.

Other Roloffs have avoided addressing the topic in public. Under contract, there is only so much that they can say.

But Amy has some news of her own. Taking to social media this week, she made an announcement about her own career.

On Monday, September 11, Amy Roloff took to Instagram to thank Little People, Big World fans for their support. And to announce her upcoming cookbook! (Instagram)

Fans knew that Amy Roloff would come out with a new cookbook.

In fact, some weighed in on what the (eventual) cover should be.

On Monday, Amy announced that — with their input — she had reached a decision.

Amy Roloff is hooked up to the Internet here and responding to questions from her followers. (Instagram)

Amy’s new cookbook bears the title Eat, Love, Gather.

The cover that Amy has selected will be a photo of her at her kitchen counter. She’ll be holding a plate of pesto pasta, which is enough to make anyone hungry.

It will be exciting to see the finished product! This is the example that she posted, which gives us a pretty good idea:

Amy Roloff accepted feedback from followers and fans on which cookbook cover she should use for Eat, Love, Gather. This was the decision. (Instagram)

Of course, Amy had more to share than just this inviting cover selection.

She told her fans and followers that she expects the cookbook to hit shelves in “mid-October.”

Well, it’s currently mid-September. So we’re talking about a release date of (approximately) one month from now. Hooray!

On March 1 of 2023, Amy Roloff shared this photo of herself and her adorable little dog, Daisy Mae. So sweet! (Instagram)

This is exciting news!

Amy has written books before, of course.

Famously, just a few years ago, she wrote in A Little Me that Matt and Caryn’s relationship had begun before her marriage to him ended. Awkward!

Amy Roloff BookAmy Roloff Book
Amy Roloff has written a book titled A Little Me. Will you be picking yourself up a copy? (Instagram)

Additionally, many fans associate Amy with food.

She of course has her baked goods. Not only to prepare for her family, but also as a business.

And Amy was the one who suggested that Roloff Farms make pumpkin salsa. Apparently, Matt initially shot down the idea. But it turned out to be a smash hit!

Amy Roloff in Her KitchenAmy Roloff in Her Kitchen
In this photo from Instagram, Amy Roloff shows off a bounty of fresh produce in her kitchen. (Instagram)

So a 2023 cookbook is an exciting development for Amy!

A lot of fans are eager to see what recipes she’ll have to teach.

If people try them out and share them, perhaps Amy will see their pics on social media. A lot of fans love that kind of interaction — and it’s free publicity for her cookbook!

Amy Roloff looks anything but pleased in this photo of her from the latest season of Little People, Big World. (TLC)

That said, all of this comes on the heels of the news about Tori and Zach.

Maybe it’s a false alarm. After all, even the closest family member might be mistaken about something. Right?

But it doesn’t sound like Amy’s going anywhere just yet.

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