A HEROIC mum turned down a life-saving kidney transplant from her husband – so they can save their baby girl.

Bec Vallee has had kidney disease since she was 11, with her own mum donating an organ to her.

Bec Vallee with husband Ryan and daughter Ambrosia, who has the same kidney conditionCredit: Bec Vallee
She needs a transplant but has turned down her husband’s match to help her little girlCredit: Bec Vallee

But the 31-year-old rejected the transplant, and has been left having dialysis for three days a week.

Her husband Ryan was found to be a match for her, but the pair discovered their toddler also has the same disease.

The mum, from Queensland, Australia, decided to save her husband’s kidney for their little girl – as she will need it when she is older.

She told 9now they found out about little Ambrosia’s condition at the 20-week ultrasound scan for the tot.

Bec said: “It was one of those just world rocking moments that changes everything in your life and is not something any parent wants to hear.

“Knowing that the future your baby will live, is the future that I’m living now, which does have its challenges.

“I’ve had my second chance already once, and I know what it means to be able to walk in and have a live donor and be able to experience that gift of life from a parent. And it made my life possible.”

Ryan added: “Both of us were looking out for the interests of our child, and wanting the best for her, to give her the best opportunities possible.”


Bec is instead on an organ donor waiting list hoping that a kidney comes available for her there.

Kidney failure is a long-term condition where the organs that filter waste products from the blood don’t work as they should.

Your kidneys are located towards your lower back, either side of your spine, and help to remove toxins from your body and filter your blood.

They then send toxins to your bladder to be removed from the body during urination.

Kidney failure happens when the pair of organs lose their ability to fulfil their function sufficiently.

If your kidneys fail your body can become overloaded with toxins and this can be life-threatening if the condition is left untreated.

Treatment may include dialysis, where the blood is filtered and purified using a machine.

The mum, from Queensland, Australia, decided to save her husband’s kidney for their little girlCredit: Bec Vallee

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