75-year-old teacher says he was brutally beaten by student and demanded to press charges, but district refused to take action

A teacher went to the press after he said his demands about a brutal beating he suffered at the hands of a student at an Indiana high school were ignored.

Rob Gooding was a substitute teacher at Perry Meridian High School in Indianapolis when he said he was attacked by a large student. Gooding had retired as a regular teacher and began substitute teaching.

He told WISH-TV he was teaching a business class on Feb. 1 when the student came up to Gooding.

“I saw him come up, and he said, ‘I’ve had it,’ and he came down, and I blocked the Chromebook. That’s where the hole was,” said Gooding.

“And it shoved me down like this, and then all of a sudden, he hovered over me and with his left hand, whammed me,” he added.

He described the student as a “man child” that weighed about 280 pounds and stood at 6 feet 2 inches tall.

Gooding said he was transported to a hospital by ambulance and told a school police officer that he wanted to press charges against the student.

“Then he said to me, ‘We have been instructed by the higher-ups, which is the district, not to handcuff, or arrest the kid,’ and I said, ‘What?’ and he said, ‘Yes, that came from the higher-ups,’” Gooding claimed.

A spokesman for the Marion County Prosecutors Office said that the incident is still under investigation, but Gooding is upset that nothing has been done so far.

Perry Township Schools released a statement to WISH about the incident.

“We are disturbed by the allegations involving a Kelly Services employee and student at Perry Meridian High School. Perry Police responded to the incident quickly. A police report was forwarded to the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office,” the statement read.

“Prosecutors will then make a criminal charge decision,” they added. “Due to confidentiality reasons, Perry Township Schools cannot comment on disciplinary action it takes against its students. We can say, however, the district has zero tolerance for violence.”

Gooding is upset he hasn’t heard anything about the case and still wants to press charges.

“If I was out there on Meridian and he did that to me, where would he be? He has to be accountable for his actions and that’s what I feel,” he added.

An elderly teacher named Fred Jimenez was killed in a similar incident at San Antonio High School in Texas after he had an “interaction” with a student and hit his head.

Here’s a news report about the attack:

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